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The ins and outs of outsourced marketing

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009


Phone calls and telemarketing, billboards, pamphlets and newspaper advertisements are all old fashioned. The latest technology for advertising is social networking through the internet. Although traditional forms of marketing are still popular, the Internet has now become the latest source of entertainment, news reports and business too. The latest and fastest growing trend in the virtual world is simply, OUTSOURCED MARKETING VIA THE INTERNET.

This internet marketing system is used to drive traffic to company websites and derive the maximum profit from the visitors who visit the site. Almost all businesses now have a website created for them to increase awareness about their products and to showcase their business in detail. Companies spend huge amounts of money on these websites. But no matter how pretty your site is, no one’s going to visit it unless you ensure that the site is marketed on the internet. A site which no one visits is a waste of money and time. Social Networking San Diego is an internet marketing department that deals with making social networking simpler and more meaningful in a few effortless steps.

But don’t be fooled, internet marketing is not really that easy. You need some one who knows the ins and outs of marketing with in the least time possible. Social Networking San Diego is a site that is known not only for educating businessmen on the growing trends in the social network and internet marketing world for business but it also helps businessmen achieve a profit by optimizing their websites .

Social Networking San Diego also helps businesses to build up their brands with the help of internet marketing and social networking on a large scale. They have a professional marketing department that can place your advertisements or your company’s profile in prominent sites in such a way that it cannot be missed by search engines, blogs or high traffic sites like You-Tube. Readers and visitors of these popular sites will then get your reference for the product on reliable sites. The larger amount of visitors who realize and enquire about the product you are selling, the more the number of clients or customers who will visit your site with a serious intention of buying your product .

This process of social networking will soon replace all the traditional forms of marketing and advertisement. Social Networking San Diego is just one online company that is breaking new ground in this field. You can rest assured that your company and your product will enter world of internet marketing with Social Networking San Diego. Social Networking San Diego will help in fulfilling your advertisement goals through the internet. Just visit the official site and learn more about internet marketing and social networking.

Top 4 concerns of businesses getting into social media and social networking

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
this is a social media road map i found

this is a social media road map i found

I keep getting asked by fellow business professionals on linked-in discussions the following questions regarding social media and social networking for business.

1. How are you successfully using Twitter, microblogs, blogging, etc. in your corporate environment?

Justin’s Answer- personal branding, product/ service branding, customer service, industry news, trends, event promotion, competitor analysis, building BUSINESS relationships, etc.

2. How do you convince those that don’t “get it”?

Justin’s Answer- I tell them go get educated and come back to me in a year when your ready to build an on-line marketing strategy around your products or services and have it done right. Once companies wake up and start realizing 1-2% returns on direct mail and telemarketing is NOT working. Why do you keep doing things that don’t work? Stop throwing good money after bad ideas and work with an innovative marketing company. Maybe they should get educated on one of our many webinars about social networking, twitter training, or linked-in training for business. I don’t have the time or patience sometimes to deal with business people that “don’t get it”. Time is money!

3. How do you measure successful ROI?
We measure ROI for our customers with our own proprietary methods and software systems we have developed and it works great! We have paying customers, they see results, and we show them monthly reports. We have to measure the success of our clients online campaigns and report to them monthly or they wouldn’t be spending thousands of dollars per month with us!

4. I’m interested in hearing successes, failures, and strategies.

We have MANY success stores (see my blog or customer testimonial videos.

Failures; just know you will make some mistakes, get over it- just jump it try it, learn, and learn from your mistakes most importantly of course. You will learn, test, and refine the strategy. Try to have a plan at least. The alternative is to do nothing and fail. Need Strategies- see my blog or book some one on one consulting time with me and lets formulate an online marketing strategy together.

We even have an internet consulting team I can dedicate to your next on-line marketing campaign. Don’t have time to do all this social networking stuff yourself? No problem- we’ll do it for you. Give us a shot and we GUARANTEE we can increase traffic to your website IF you partner with us, sign up, and take our recommendations. It’s worked for these clients (see videos to the right) so maybe your business is ready to jump on board.

Is your business ready? What is your understanding of social media and social networking for business? Take the social networking IQ test here: business evaluation

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Top 3 Examples of Using Social Networking For Business

Saturday, April 18th, 2009



Top 4 Ways Executives Can Survive During Tough Economic Times

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

jfcropExecutives Must READ-

Research, Education, Attitude, and Drive

These are the only ways to survive in today’s market place.

The Internet is NOT going away so get educated! Education is the #1 failure of internet marketing strategies so don’t let your corporation fall short. Take a competitive edge and gain first mover advantage. There are some very knowledgeable internet consultants out here in San Diego so grab a hold of one of us and start formulating a plan. Remember, business professionals don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!

I assure you, there is no easy answer and no get rich quick scheme to internet marketing for business purposes. Myspace and Facebook are not just for personal use anymore! There is a BUSINESS use and us on Linked-In are well ahead of the curve. It just takes the right strategy and approach, and then my favorite- execution.

Its not if but when. Its not why but how. Its hard work believe me, and developing relationships just like in the off-line approach is where we as marketing professionals need to help educate the local business community.

But the firms must but be willing to “invest” in their online marketing strategy. its not an expense. I look forward to assisting you any way i can-

I would appreciate any executives or professionals you may know who are ready to turn their company around with a proven internet marketing strategy. We work strictly through close referral (off line and online of course)



“We consult and educate our executive level clients how to form a strategy on using social media and social networking sites like twitter and linked in to build business relationships and brand awareness in the digital online market place, which in turn increases traffic to company websites and increases sales.”

Please help me spread my message! I do Webinars, Internet Consulting for Business, Twitter training, Linked-In training, Social Networking Packages for businesses, and also Speaking engagements in educational facilities and corporations on this growing trend.

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