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Top 4 ways SMB market can achieve success with social networking, social marketing, and social media for business final thought

Friday, May 29th, 2009

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4. Trust is very important. We have gained the trust of many clients by always doing what we say and communicating with them regularly and measuring the success of our social marketing strategy. We may even have to make adjustments with the keywords or messaging. It is definitely a process and takes months to lay the proper foundation. Consider it sweat equity or “building brand equity” as Gary Vee says; you are investing in the long run for big payoffs months down the road. I assure you there is no quick fix or get rich quick scheme that can help your business achieve long term growth and success online. Right now we are solving on-line marketing challenges companies are having and leveraging social networking and social media tools as means of meeting and achieving business goals. Social networking used to be just for personal use, but now we have identified how to leverage these mediums to help corporations become more competitive, more visible, and more profitable. As business consultants who happen to be very technical, this has given us an advantage to be able to leverage cutting edge technology for our clients that gives them a competitive edge. That is exactly why clients continue to see the value in working with a highly technical team who is first and foremost business minded and continues to produces on-line social marketing results.

Top 4 ways SMB market can achieve success with social networking, social marketing, and social media for business continued

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

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3. My executive team and I have been consulting with the SMB market for many years. Because we have worked in MANY different industries and capacities such as financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and service, we have been diversified and can provide the proper solution to various online marketing challenges no matter what business they are in. The processes and systems we use are very similar. For me, it’s just like starting a business. Once you start one business, you can start another, it’s just maybe a different target market, product, service, or business model, but the foundations to conducting business are very similar.

We have developed a systematic process of identifying core business problems and challenges with marketing, establishing a framework, agreeing on deliverables, and implementing the proper solution for our clients. The workflow we have created is proprietary and clients have been blown away at the efficiency and results it creates for their company. We make our clients aware that things may not always go according to plan, but they are rest assured knowing we have the right problem solving capabilities, the team in place, and the same concepts we have employed for years that has been largely successful for several other clients. Not to mention a lot of this is due to the trust factor we have gained over the years. At the end of the day, that is what companies pay us to do- solve their online marketing problems. Whether its strategy, planning, training, consulting, implementation, etc. Companies need to go above and beyond for their clients these days and I am seeing this everyday thanks to social networking sites like twitter. Doing business online is a HUGE complexity and sadly many companies have been burned. Just like when I was in the IT field, we had to establish trust first before our clients accepted us. We achieved this by selling ourselves, not just our products or services. Think of doing business on the internet like a science- a science we reveal to our signed clients just how everything ties together for great business success on the internet.

Is your website generating new leads/ new business for you? Test it here:

Top 4 ways SMB market can achieve success with social networking, social marketing, and social media for business continued

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

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2. Our country is built on small and mid-sized businesses and because of the Internet, companies are now able to compete on-line with large fortune 500 companies with an even smaller budget. It’s all about having the right strategy. It levels the playing field and enables a communication channel that would have never been possible in traditional marketing or media. We have now seen that a small business with a great product or service and the right strategy can achieve huge economies of scale on-line. Look at what has happened with twitter. Our current business model leverages twitter to be used as a business tool for our clients to achieve some of these business objectives: PR, customer service, branding, marketing, and of course developing lasting business relationships. Twitter has enabled corporations to get back to the foundations of doing business in a digital age which is much needed right now. Being more transparent, not always selling things, and building an on-line community culture around community. Remember- people want to do business with people. Think of this new way of doing business on line as social marketing. If someone from company A does something good for me, say help me out or point me in the right direction, or does a good job on a project, I am going to tell 10 of my friends and just like word of mouth referrals, the same happens now online in a virtual setting.

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Top 4 ways SMB market can achieve success with social networking, social marketing, and social media for business

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

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Social Marketing is a new buzz word going around. Social marketing basically means word of mouth marketing using online tools such as social media, social networking, and other online PR tactics. You know how powerful word of mouth can be, just imagine what it can do for your products and services! Social Networking San Diego has been able to achieve great success for our clients, and the way business is conducted today is very different from the 20th century. Consider our 21st century marketing methods which you can see here:

1. Even though businesses are going through some tough times due to economic conditions, this does not make it ok for management and executives to do nothing. Good leadership in all companies is needed to find innovative ways to be resilient during these times and figure out ways to cut costs where necessary (not employees) streamline operations, upgrade technology, and invest in an online marketing strategy. Why? Because online marketing strategies can mean a more cost effective advertising and marketing approach than traditional marketing efforts and can even reach a more targeted market in a shorter amount of time. Having your company set up on twitter, linked-in, or face book is one thing, but how are you using these tools? This is where you need an online marketing strategist to develop the right creative campaign that can then track results, measure progress, and show good ROI. The economies of scale are much greater with an on-line marketing approach as opposed to off-line. Consider this: an inbound marketing campaign, or inbound marketing system in which we help formulate and execute around your business model. We do the back-end work for our clients on social media and social networking and train them on how to leverage these tools for business development purposes and how to build business relationships online. We function as the out-sourced virtual marketing department and partner with our clients for long term contracts for long term business strategy success.

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How The VP of Marketing Saved The Company And Allowed The CEO To Finally Get Some Sleep

Thursday, May 21st, 2009


As extremely busy executives, we know the following:

-budget allowances are gone
-competitive forces are growing
-layoffs and cuts have been made, and hopefully not a second round
-sales are down

As the VP of marketing goes into the CEO’s office Monday morning and says “I just spoke to a company on Linked-in who is doing social media and social networking consulting for business development and lead generation and I think we should consider it. This could be our chance to get ahead of our competitors and shift some of our off-line marketing budget into on-line marketing and advertising. The CEO says “That on-line marketing crap has never worked before, what makes you think it will work now? We don’t even understand how the hell it works! Do they even have case studies? What was the ROI?” VP Says “I spoke to a company who seems very credible from their recommendations, has case studies, video testimonials, and has developed a proven system and strategy that really seems to make a lot of sense. I think it leverages social networking and social media sites for business development and lead generation purposes. It really gets back to the old way of doing business by developing relationships with customers first, earning their trust, and then it’s just a matter of time before they do business with us. Plus, the viral ability with online marketing makes word of mouth referrals spread much quicker when they see how great our products are they tell their friends, family, and colleagues. What do you think? CEO says “Well, maybe this couldn’t have come at a better time because sales, marketing, and IT have never seemed to be on the same page, what we are currently doing isn’t working, and this may be a chance for us to gain a competitive advantage. How do we move forward? Well, they offered to do a FREE Webinar for us on the growing trend in social marketing to see if we may be a good fit for the program. I think we should do it. The CEO says “let’s check it out”. 3 months later……Progress has been made, ROI is up 15%, and employees at the various departments are shifting gears and getting re-educated/ re-trained on how to use these social tools and how to sell in a digital age.

“When is your VP of marketing going to take a NEW innovative direction for your firm? Give the CEO some hope so he can sleep”

What is your feedback on this story? How many think this ACTUALLY happened? Please respond below. Leave your comments. I look forward to your guesses-
JustinRFrench CEO & Chief Internet Marketing Strategist
Social Networking San Diego

Killer feedback about internet marketing!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009


You have a valuable product; you are selling it at a fraction of the price as compared to the competition and you’ve built yourself a really great website to sell your products on the internet! But no one seems to be buying! You know that your product is the best in the market but simply because you haven’t learned how to do internet marketing, you are losing out on big, big money! Competition is getting fierce on online shopping even if the world economy is slowing down. But how do you ensure that customers do come to your site? How do you ensure that you get reliable customers and not just site tourists who are simply browsing?

You have to have full control over the customer market who visits your site by targeting them in the terms of internet advertising and sales. E-business is a professional marketing world where you will need professional and experienced help and that’s where Social Networking San Diego is the best choice for the internet marketer inexperience in online sales techniques.

Tapping potential customers via internet marketing through social networking sites, blogs, twitter and wikis is now made easy with Social Networking San Diego . This innovative internet marketing company will help you achieve the required outsourced marketing through the internet. They are professional and well equipped with the right methodology, tools and personnel to help you in social networking through internet sites. Your ROI (return on investment) will soar as traffic is diverted to your site and you are flooded with clients. The company can start an advertising campaign and an affiliate network for a negligible cost to promote your product all over the globe in the form on online internet marketing! Compare that with the money you have to shell out for print and media ads and you will realize the huge benefits that you are getting for a pittance when you use

Social Networking San Diego internet marketing will help also ensure that your product and your profile will pop up on internet search engines, high-readership blogs and twitters that are updated instantly with relevant latest content. With this type of internet marketing strategy, your consumer or client will be in touch with you throughout the day; something which could never have happened in the traditional methods of marketing.

Social Networking San Diego is the perfect company to check out your website and ensure you do get business. Of course, if you don’t believe me you can get a free website evaluation done to find out what you’re missing!

Why social media marketing is like using the scientific method

Sunday, May 17th, 2009
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graphic credited to

Here is a reminder of the scientific method with the spin for a social marketing strategy:

Steps of the scientific method:

1.    Ask a Question -what goals are you trying to achieve with your on-line marketing efforts? On-line branding, customer service, online PR, increase traffic, increased visibility, increase website ranking, better conversion, marketing a new product or service….

2.    Do Background Research -we research your competition, identify what keywords are best to use, and formulate an online marketing strategy/ plan tailored around your particular business model (this can NOT be a one size fits all approach to on line marketing!)

3.    Construct a Hypothesis -based on our research/ assessment- we hope to achieve these types of results with this on-line marketing campaign…

4.    Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment -we will assign the right team, implement the strategy, and market test and confirm our on-line marketing campaign (either 100% outsourced or a joint effort (best results are achieved with a joint effort- we do training, coaching, and educational instruction on who does what in the on-line marketing strategy)

5.    Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion -quarterly reports using analytics, benchmarks, deliverables, goals met, and other ROI measurements compared to alternative marketing efforts

6.    Communicate Your Results -we will report to the executive team what results were achieved, areas we suggest for improvement, and best approaches moving forward.

We work in these 4 capacities:
Hourly Consulting
Monthly Retainer
Per Project Basis
Monthly Subscription

See if your corporation qualifies for starting a social marketing campaign by clicking here:

Want to see some actual Case Studies for existing clients?  Click Here for Case Studies

CEO JustinRFrench

P.S. Here are 4 tips on how to choose the right social media marketing consultant

7 Social Media Tools to Successfully Market Your Business

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


Guest Post This week by San Diego Corporate Marketing Strategist Holly Reville

1.) What is Social Media?

2.) Branding

3.) Keep it Professional

4.) Messaging

5.) Where to Begin

6.) Networking

7.) Promote

What is Social Media? – Social Media is an ever-growing and ever-changing new phenomenon. It’s the new wave of meeting, networking and connecting with people, most importantly a new method of meeting new potential clients and marketing your business for free. If you stop for a moment to think about the magnitude of this it’s mind boggling. At any given moment there is a worldwide network of people at your reach. Isn’t that an amazing concept? No longer are we restricted to networking within our immediate geographical location. Best of all, people are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Those who are not, are weeded out and blocked fairly quickly. The big question that lies in everyone’s head is, “How?” This blog will give you some key insights on what you need to get started and successfully market yourself, product or company through the use of social media platforms.

Branding – In branding, your goals are to gain brand awareness, associate certain qualities and characteristics that make you/your company unique and over time gain brand loyalty. If you plan on marketing your business through social media it is important to keep brand integrity intact. Your brand is an extension of you and your company. How does this translate to social media?

A.) Avatar/picture – Make sure you use a good picture. A professionally taken picture is highly recommended, but if you choose to take your own just make sure you are dressed in a professional manner and have someone take it for you or use your timer. You do not want the “picture taken in the mirror shot showing the camera”. Use this picture on all of the social networking websites. This will give you brand consistency and increase recognition across platforms. It is important to use your picture. Social networking is about creating relationships, people want to know there is a real person behind the company façade and get to know that person.

B.) Name – You wouldn’t put a different business name on all of your sales material so make sure you don’t have different user names on your social networking websites. When social networking for your business it is common to have your full name or full business name as a user name, whatever you choose, just keep it consistent.

C.) Description – Be sure to describe your company, who you are and what you do on all of the social media profile pages. This is the first and possibly last place an interested person or potential client will go to find out more about you. Have a thorough, concise description and double check spelling and grammar. The description can vary from site to site and be custom tailored to the audience, just make sure all of the essentials are there to easily tell people about you/your company.

D.) Custom colors and background – Most of the social networking websites have an option to customize your page. When doing so try to make sure the colors and images used are consistent across all websites. This will also associate these colors and images to your brand and help you to achieve brand recognition.

For the rest of her VERY INSIGHTFUL post Click Here

Special Thanks to Holly For allowing us to share her work for our readers. Please subscribe to her blog- Thanks

Want to learn the business value behind twitter and social networking?

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009


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Doing Business In The Digital Age Through Social Networking Workshop

Heard of twitter?  Are you on linked-in and just Lost?

As busy professionals, you probably have heard lately between sales calls and meetings the talk about twitter or social networking right?  Well, we are extending a GREAT offer to our network to come take part in an interactive workshop where you will see why social sites like linked-in, facebook, and twitter can actually have BUSINESS value associated with them IF you know how to use these tools properly.

Our clients typically see these results from using these social tools effectively:  new alliances, new prospects, sales leads, competitive intelligence, industry trends, and even new business!  This can all be accomplished at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing approaches like direct mail and telemarketing which are producing shrinking returns anyway.

Get an up-grade on your business development methods and marketing tactics or lose out to your web-savvy competition!

Once busy professionals realize the power of building BUSINESS relationships online, it actually increases business for them off-line too.  Think of this workshop as an instructional course on how to do business in the digital on-line world.

What? Doing Business In The Digital Age Through Social Networking Interactive Workshop

Where? Irvine

When? May 20th 6PM PST

What you will learn:

How to generate prospects using on-line tools

How to get more clients using social media and social networking

Get an on-line marketing plan for your business to execute right away

How to fully understand the internet puzzle

Learn how to beat your competition on-line

Learn why social media marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing & how to make $

299$ value (99$ introductory rate- next event will be more so sign up now!)

Register Here <REGISTER NOW>

BONUES Free E-Book with attendance- Social Networking 101 For Business Survival Kit

Who should attend?

Marketing Managers

Business Owners



Business Development Managers

Sales Professionals

Who is

“Our mission and purpose with SNSD is to ultimately brand your

business locally and globally by driving traffic to your website,

generating pre-qualified leads, and helping your website rank

higher on Google.”- Justin French CEO

This is an Interactive and “How To”  Workshop on leveraging Social Media and Social Networking  Tools like linked-in and twitter to generate leads and build your business brand on-line!

More about Social Networking San Diego

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Actual Numbers Revealed on Social Media Marketing

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


What type of results are you producing for your clients in social media marketing, social networking, and on-line marketing campaigns?

I am constantly asked- “so what are the numbers companies can expect with on-line marketing campaigns? Is it worth it? What will be my ROI?”

Well, first off, every industry is different. Think of your on-line marketing system like a gas pedal- the harder you press on the marketing machine (the more $ you spend the harder we step on the pedal) the greater your reach, exposure, and potential for more business.

I just refer them to our current case studies (see below) and a blog post i did here
which states WHY companies need to formulate some type of on-line marketing strategy revolving around social networking and social media. Otherwise they will keep trying off-line approaches like direct mail, telemarketing, and radio and TV that are producing diminishing returns.

So i ask my audience- what are some of the returns you are producing for your customers? would you mind sharing below some of the challenges your facing in providing various consulting services to your customers? This way i can formulate more case studies for the industry. Your feedback is greatly appreciated

JustinRFrench CEO
Social Networking San Diego

Social Networking San Diego:
Actual Existing Client Case Studies
Company names kept confidential due to confidentiality agreements

Company A
Start Date: 2/01/09
Website Grade prior to campaign: 43/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 16.91% (or 5,195,184)
Inbound Links 0
Blog (None)

Current Date: 3/31/09
Website Grade: 65/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 16.24% (or 4,547,459)
Inbound Links 151
Blog (off-site)

26% increase in traffic in 2 months!

Company B
Start Date: 1/28/09
Website Grade prior to campaign: 62/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top) 4.81% (or 1,475,807)
Inbound Links 0
Blog (None)

Current Date: 3/31/09
Website Grade: 71/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 4.29% (or 1,316,909)
Inbound Links 53
Blog (off-site)

27% increase in traffic in 2 months!

Company C
Start Date: 2/01/09
Website Grade prior to campaign: 53/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 5.72% (or 2,857,215)
Inbound Links 0
Blog (None)

Current Date: 3/31/09
Website Grade: 91/100
Traffic Rank (Alexa) Top 1.33% (or 373,541)
Inbound Links 466
Blog (on-site)
75% increase in traffic in 2 months!

Contact me here
for a FREE Webinar and start forming your strategy Today-
and see if your firm is ready to discuss some of your on-line marketing challenges and what we can do to address these like we have been for MANY of our clients.