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What in the heck is social media marketing anyway? You want me to do what with my client?

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

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Social Media Marketing is a new form of online marketing using social media websites like you tube, podcasting, syndicating content, and many other web 2.0 websites to ENGAGE partners, customers, and potential clients. Social media marketing is exploding right now and your business should be getting involved sooner than later. The big thing to remember about social media is that its “social”. Traditional media companies are realizing that consumers are getting frustrated with traditional marketing tactics and we even have Tivo to fast forward through commercials now. If you think this is easy, think again. It will require a technology savvy company who understands strategy, marketing, branding, community building, and good content writing for starters. So a local college student tweeting for you, posting on facebook, writing your blog, and doing your discussions in linked-in might not be the best fit. Maybe you should get your business development and sales team some training on one of these social networking websites from our CEO JustinRFrench by going here: Twitter 101 or Linked-In 101 for Business Coaching/ Training and see how our clients are seeing an increase in their business by learning how to leverage these social media marketing tools.

“ I give it a “10” FOR SURE! ”

— Joanne Stephens on Jun 18, 2009.

The important thing to understand as business professionals is that this new form of social media marketing can produce better results than some forms of traditional marketing methods if done right. Not to mention is is even cheaper. The key to the success of your social media marketing campaign is the strategy.

At Social Networking San Diego, we help our customer’s develop a proper strategy around their products and services, implement the technology marketing system we have developed, measure the success, AND train the employees how to use these tools to be more “social” when reaching customers in these social webs. Businesses that are not getting involved in this social media marketing will be left behind by competitors and now is a great time to gain competitive advantage by developing a social media marketing strategy around your products or services. Here was a popular blog post i did on The 4 quickest Tips Ever To Social Media Marketing Success to help get you started

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How much is your time worth relating to social media?

Sunday, June 21st, 2009


Every single business professional knows that time is money. This is even more relevant than ever now thanks to social media and social networking. It is making my clients get back to business basics- building relationships with potential and current customers. Just like you pay an IT consultant to fix your computers (hourly billing) consider the time of a social media consultant at least double for the good ones.

If you are not good with time management, I suggest you get good with it real quick because when jumping into social media marketing, you can easily get caught up in the fun and excitement of connecting with great people all around the world.

How much is your time worth? I charge between 100$-350$/ hr. depending on whether I’m speaking, consulting, strategy building, designing, conducting competitive intelligence, training, coaching, teaching, researching, or even writing for clients. And when it relates to social networking and social media- even more time because there are so many components to having a successful and cohesive social media marketing campaign that the average business person just doesn’t get it. This is social media for business is very complex and time consuming stuff i assure you.

I have been asked since we started Social Networking San Diego, “How much time should i be spending on these social media and social networking sites Justin? I am not making money when i am networking online, writing my blog content, or filming a new video message to my clients.” My answer is simple- consider this time that you are investing in marketing yourself, your products or services, and you are investing sweat equity in your business. If you don’t have an hour a day to market your business, then you have a problem.

Many business professionals, small, medium, and large sized clients MUST understand this critical rule when dealing with social media and considering working with social media consultants and that is…………….stay tuned for tomorrows post when i will reveal the #1 Rule when dealing with a successful social media marketing campaign.

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The 4 Quickest Tips Ever To Social Media Marketing Success

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


Justin’s Secrets Revealed:

Secrets Revealed on social media marketing- to be successful in todays business environment requires innovation, creativity, change, technology, and of course competitive edge. These secrets will help you out- I guarantee it!

This post may be short- but small is the new big right? This is SOOOO Powerful! I have helped hundred of business people and taught them some of these tips and tricks and it has grown there business exponentially compared to other marketing tactics.

1. Act as if you are going to a virtual party (Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In are the parties- you shake hands in these virtual online networking groups to get them back to your home/business/blog/website)

2. You build relationships (Help others, givers gain, and pay it forward. By helping others gain information on things they are looking for or by becoming a resource to others you will build your community. Think of this as building brand equity (as Gary Vee Says) or investing sweat equity in your business. You are providing customer service)

3. Invite others to help you out (or to visit your home- which again is your website or blog) Consider my technique i use on twitter and linked-in: 1: how can i help you? 2: You can help me by…… This is Networking!

4. Then after the relationship is established, people potentially do business together/ refer you

What do you think? I am interested in your feedback. Do you have any tips that have worked for you? Please share your thoughts on this (leave a comment)
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“Justin has done business and Internet consulting for us, and we have been pleased with his abilities and results. He reviewed our processes by interviewing each employee, then came up with recommendations for improvement. He was right on target. His technical background, research and studies have given him an insight into what it takes to succeed with an all-encompassing Internet Marketing campaign. He doesn’t waste time; he gets right to the point.

Harold Nevin Language Translation, Inc. San Diego” March 17, 2009
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
hired JustinRFrench as a Social Media Business Consultant in 2009

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social networking vs. social NOTworking

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

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first- lets define social networking.

Social- meaning being “social” in a group among people. Socializing among others about professional life and maybe even personal life of course because business is not always about business. People are people and doing business is all about people.

Networking- connecting with other people in a social setting (on line or off-line) and collaborating about what people they know and vice versa. This is no longer just a local chamber event. There are thousands of niche social networking sites- just find which one is for you and participate. Also when networking with others, find out what challenges they are facing and how you might know of a person or a solution for them to look into. Networking in these tough economic times is critical. Help others. Givers gain, and the pay it forward approach to business works magic- especially on twitter. Networking takes work! Social Networking takes allot of work and time too, but consider this sweat equity. Just like social media marketing and leveraging social networking for business purposes will require a considerable amount of time and a large learning curve for some. But this is good because consumers are tired of being interrupted during their busy personal and professional lives with marketing messages that don’t interest us.

Remember, its all about who you know, and especially now the growing trend in social networking and twitter, distance and borders no longer separate that. We are all connected globally thanks to the internet and the web 2.0 technologies that exist. Its not the tools that matter, its how you use these powerful tools. And this is only the beginning you watch- this movement is growing and is changing the way we do business. So get involved and net-WORK



CEO Social Networking San Diego

How Golf Relates To Business, Social Networking and Twitter

Thursday, June 4th, 2009


Two passions of mine are golf and business. These two are very similar, especially when it comes to the on-line world. As we become a more digitally connected society, it is important to build business relationships online in the virtual world as well as the golf course. Major business deals believe it or not are  done on golf courses around the world. I have come up with some unique ways golf relates to social networking for business. I am interested in your feedback so please let me know if these are sufficient points.

1. Your business takes time to grow, just like your golf game
No one can go out and shoot 72 their first time, not even Tiger Woods did that. Just like in business, no one becomes a success overnight. It takes years of building up. Some newbie golfers go to golf camp to learn the basics or maybe a golf boot camp for the fast track approach. Just like our company in San Diego called Social Networking San Diego which gives the fast track (Bootcamp) to social media and social networking for business purposes. The same applies when doing business online. If you think its easy think again. The point is You MUST get educated on how to do business online if you are to play the business game online. Is your website generating leads for you? how is your pay per click campaign doing? Is your SEO up to par? What social video sites are you on? Are your leads converting?

2. Golfing is usually done with friends, business partners, or colleagues
I cant tell you how many times i have been golfing with people i enjoy spending time with. I have been golfing with clients, partners, and of course family and friends. The thing to understand is golf is relationship building just like social networking. It takes time and those who are in it for the short run or are looking at twitter negatively just don’t get it. Twitter is just a communication tool to build relationships online. Both personal relationships and business. Think of twitter simply as a virtual networking group on demand.

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The 1 key to success for doing business in the digital age through social networking and social media is building relationships

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

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After speaking at many workshops, tweet-up groups, client presentations, webinars, and talk radio shows, I am always asked. “Justin, what would you say your biggest key to success for business people is during these turbulent times” My answer is always this:

These times have taught us a lot about ourselves, our government, and that doing business as usual does not cut it anymore. The game is changing so the biggest tip I have for business people is to understand that in the online world there is going to be a HUGE learning curve for you. You can get educated, dive into the on-line world open minded, or lose your market to competitors. You MUST learn to network as you do off-line at local chamber events on-line using twitter and linked-in. These are my top 2 social networking tools for relationship building.

The reason these tools are so powerful for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and other passionate people, is because this virtual ability to connect with other like minded people with similar passions and form strategic alliances, new business relationships, and opening up doors of opportunity if you can see the angle and execute. It comes down to building relationships and as business people, building relationships leads to new business. This is not an overnight process. It requires sweat equity, knowledge, good communication, business sense online, psychology, and some technical aptitude. Large media outlets do not have the power any longer because of new viral communication tools like twitter. If you are a business professional and need training, coaching, or consulting on how to leverage these tools, sign up for one of my webinars here: Twitter 101 for business webinar

I look forward to your success in the digital age, and please follow me on twitter so we can learn from each other. Every person has a story to tell about their life, and I look forward to learning your.

Blue Ocean Strategy using Social Media for CEO’s

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

How CEO’s Can Create A Blue Ocean Strategy And Save The Company Using Social Media

blue ocean strategy social media

We as CEO’s know the game is changing. It’s not doing business as usual any longer. Old styles of marketing such as direct mail, telemarketing and even email marketing are producing diminishing results. The companies that will be in business in the future MUST take advantage and diversify into an on-line marketing approach that embraces social media and social networking (especially twitter) and formulate a strategy around their products and services.

Believe it or not, the numbers are showing these on-line marketing tactics cheaper than traditional methods (Better ROI) and with shrinking budgets and a need for new ideas, what better solution than social marketing? Now this is easier said then done. I have been in IT and Business for over 10 years and for marketing, lead generation, and sales, departments MUST understand how to use these tools for those purposes. Its not what tools are out these, but how your departments are trained to use them. I conduct workshops for various corporations and have given companies the fast-track approach to social media and help structure the workshops in layman’s terms so everyone understands their role and how it fits with the company culture. Strategy is the most important, and not too many people in corporations have the business and technical sense because of the dis-connect among departments that exists.

Typically, no one in the company even understands all these various on-line mediums, which is why CEO’s will need to bring in outside help to re-shape the company culture around these new paradigms.

Here is a helpful video i put together that gives the following talking points:

1. Old Style of Marketing VS. New Style of Marketing
2. Two Buck Chuck Example (blue ocean strategy)
3. Whole Foods Example (blue Ocean Strategy- Online & Off-line)
4. How you will need outside consultants to help re-shape corporate culture

This video should really touch on some great strategies for you to implement in your organizations right away.

I would appreciate some of your thoughts / insight on this discussion post.
What challenges is your firm facing with formulating a social media strategy?
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