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Behind The Scenes- Teaching Social Media For Business In The Classroom

Monday, March 29th, 2010

In this short post, I take you behind the scenes in the classroom of what it’s like to teach social networking, internet marketing, and social media to fellow business professionals in San Diego County. Teaching is another passion of mine (I know I spread myself thin sometimes) but I think educating the small business community is something I have always done and will continue to do especially during these times. Enjoy the behind the scenes look at me teaching social media for business at Mira Costa College San Elijo campus. Cheers,


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Why Cal State San Marcos Has The Best Business Program

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

listen to this video about how Justin French thinks cal state san marcos has one of the best business programs.

The CMO From Kodak You Outta Know

Monday, March 1st, 2010


I had the privilege to attend the 1 year anniversary of Gravity Summit at UCLA this past Monday and I must say that it was well worth staying up there the night before and not having to rush to the conference in the morning. It ended up being an eventful and relax-full weekend and an all around great conference. As we know, being involved with Social Media, it is always good habits to take it off-line once in a while and get in a room filled with like minded people and if you happen to be part of the social media conference, then you know the talent they were able to pull was of the highest caliber in the industry. Not to mention re-connecting with those that I had seen at Harvard at another previous Gravity Summit. I recorded an inspirational video the night before (talking about the Three H’s- Hustle, Heart, and Helpfulness) that can be seen here if you’d like

Social media for business is still the hot topic but after being involved in this trend for the last year and a half can sometimes be draining. But the gravity summit expo just happen to give me that re-energizing boost I needed to re-spark the deep passion I have for this topic.

The content provided during the event was exceptional, but there was one presentation early on that really had an impact on me- an ecstatic, passionate, and over-the-top presentation from Kodak’s CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett. Now I hadn’t heard of Jeff before, but I knew how involved Kodak has been in social media and the drastic changes they had made to their workforce so I was interested in hearing some of the behind the scenes strategies. Not only did I get insight to these practices and policies, but he even had me laughing out loud!! I shared one of the better video clips below, but if you’re interested in the entire highlighted clips from the Keynote you can view them here: Gravity Summit Keynote CMO of Kodak

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Justin R French

“Those who keep asking what is the ROI on social media- I say what is the cost of ignoring”- Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett

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