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Social Media Student Post – Using Social Media Towards A Better Economy

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Wesley While I was sitting in class last week, I had a little epiphany in regards to the role Social Media Consultants serve in the grand scheme of things, namely, fixing our economy. I firmly believe that small businesses and new startups are instrumental in getting America out of this current recession. On the Social Networking San Diego homepage, there is a supporting quote from President Obama, “Small businesses and entrepreneurs will be the driving force of bringing us out of this recession.”

A recent study found that a large percentage of small business owners also feel the same way. 72% of small business owners stated that they will be the driving force behind our economic recovery in 2010. (SRC)

So, what does Social Media and Social Media Consultants have to do with fixing the economy?

Many small businesses and new ventures are using Social Media for their business, whether they use it to market their products/services, build brand awareness, engage with customers, etc. There are many small business owners and entrepreneurs, however, that may possess the marketing know-how but don’t have the knowledge or lack the familiarity in using social media.

That is where Social Media Consultants come in. Companies such as Social Networking San Diego serve to help small businesses learn the tools of the trade, how to not only use, but leverage Social Media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc. In turn, small businesses will benefit in a multitude of ways, from spending less money on traditional (and most likely unsuccessful advertising outlets), by increased brand equity, customer relations, higher conversion rates, etc.

With the successful implementation of a Social Media strategy, hopefully small businesses will be able to prosper, grow, and create new jobs, and ultimately in the long run, create new jobs and bring us out of this recession.

Wesley Quach
Management / Entrepreneurship Major
College of Business Administration
California State University San Marcos

social media student post- social networking becoming more important to business

Monday, September 20th, 2010


As a freelance independent business process consultant/trainer, it is very apparent to me that
social networking is becoming more and more important to any business enterprise. It is not
good enough to be the “Process Guy” ( to get that message out.
As an author of two books, the existing web page is the only point of contact to get that word
out — but that is not enough!

I teach “Business Process Optimization” at UCSD Extension as one outlet for my process
approach and methodology. This single outlet is very limited to students who actually hear my
approach. It is very obvious to me that this message needs to go to a much wider audience.

As a business consultant, my goal is to assist businesses in organizing their operational
business processes to shorten time-to-market, increase product quality, increase process
repeatability, and become more efficient in day-to-day operations. This is one area that is
overlooked by many executives. It is also the one area of business that could very well be
essence of survivability (or not) in this global economy. I target BioTech companies that
are regulated by the FDA, and DoD contracting companies that are required to be at a
higher level of CMMI and/or ISO 9001 certified.

I specialize in setting up a company’s process group, and process training. I am a big believer
that the process organization and layering has a huge beneficial impact on process following,
compliance, control, and quality. I preach about the separation of “what you do” from “how
you are to do it”. That separation is key because you want to mandate the “whats” and have
a lot of flexibility and extensibility at the “how” level. The selectable “how” level provides the
mechanism for process tailoring (scalability, site differences, piloting, etc.). I also believe in
using server-side scripting (php/mysql) to specifically address common high-level enterprise
steps for all company process tasks. These scripted assist can control developmental
configuration management, provide inter-task communication, provide task metric data
mechanisms, link to enterprise inspection procedures for work product quality, etc.

I have seen terrible examples of process elements. I have seen companies spend a ton of
money on their processes and are still struggling with regulatory compliance, good business
practices, day-to-day operational efficiencies, quality, etc. The waste can be enormous
and totally detrimental to a company existence.

Unfortunately putting in good processes tends to be a reactionary event versus a proactive
event. Many companies wait for a total crisis (death of people, lawsuits, etc.) before
addressing this part of their business! I can really help here.

F. Alan Goodman, Independent Process Consultant (“The Process Guy”)

Why Entrepreneurs Are Like The Long Shot At Del Mar

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010


Entrepreneurs starting businesses in the current economic climate have a real challenge yet an opportunity at the same time.  It separates them from others who would never take risks, especially when times are very tough.  This sets them apart from the competition.  Entrepreneurs start a business usually for one main reason: They see a problem, they are passionate about solving that problem, and will do everything necessary to achieve their goal of finding a solution to that problem. 


My current start-up Social Networking San Diego  was founded in January 2009 on the premise that majority of small business websites don’t generate traffic. I estimate 80% of small business websites don’t generate traffic. So with my technical, business, and entrepreneurial spirit, I vowed to solve this problem because o am passionate about helping the small business community.  So far things are going great and we are helping many clients solve this challenge & all while increasing sales of their products & services and saving money.  Like Barack Obama says “Small business and Entrepreneurs will be the driving force of getting us out of this recession”, and I couldn’t agree more.   


As for how this analogy relates to horse racing, Well 90 to 95% of Entrepreneurs fail because lack of funding, lack of leadership/ management, lack of sales, or lack of proper marketing.  Usually at the horse races (another passion of mine- I live 20 minutes form Del Mar Racetrack) I tend to put money on the long shots once in a while if I like the kckey, study work out times, know who the trainer was, etc.  I do my homework first.  Just like in business, when starting anew business venture, do your homework, and if you have a little luck or know the right people, you may just have a big pay day 😉  


If you would like to see more about Social Networking San Diego solutions for Social Marketing for business, check out our solutions page here:


finally- the social media success formula revealed

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Today’s 60 second social media mba reveals the secret formula to social media success once and for all.  Sharing is Caring 😉 Cheers

p.s. It’s back to social media school!

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social media minute – Monday roundup of top social media news

Monday, September 13th, 2010

This social media minute Monday roundup is brought to you by

We use this productivity tool ourselves & many clients do too. Click Here To Boost Your Productivity On Twitter!

Second big news of the day worth noting, Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will enact a week-long social media blackout for all students. full story details can be found here:

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san diego businesses use mobile marketing and social media for success

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

mobile marketing and social media are HOT topics right now in the internet world, but is your business taking full advantage of these services yet?  Most likely not which is why you should be taking a class on this and “upgrade” your business development skills because if you don’t, you will have a hard time being in business five years from now.  Mira Costa College has a class being offered that I teach called Introduction to marketing your business online that will help you lay the foundation for your online business development success.  Consider this online marketing 101 for the 21st century business [professional.  You will not be disappointed.  Details can be found here:

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p.s. special thanks to @journik for the Posterous idea- testing it out 😉

How your business can succeed with social media marketing education

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

social media instructor

Hello Friends, Colleagues, Clients, & Partners,

This month is very exciting because it marks the 4th semester of our CEO Justin “Results” French teaching a class at one of his alumni Mira Costa College. As you can probably already tell, Justin is EXTREMELY passionate about teaching social media to local businesses. Why? Because social media levels the competitive landscape for small businesses wanting to build their brand, generate local awareness about their products, services, or retail location, & even makes business development fun again!

If you are like most small businesses, you probably dread marketing, hate cold calling, and have worked with firms who have produced unsuccessful results. We at Social Networking San Diego are focused on results. Our minimum campaign for monthly engagements starts around $1000 per month.

We deploy the most cost effective marketing tactics that get you results in the least amount of time, so we can EARN that extended budget for additional campaigns. Each social media marketing campaign is carefully backwards engineered & crafted with achieving your business goals. We focus on building long term business relationships. Don’t take our word for it- let’s hear from actual student/ small business owner

Video Testimonial Here

If you are a local small or mid-sized business owner or professional ready to explore the trenches of social media then I highly suggest you partake in this semesters Introduction To Marketing You Business Online class at Mira Costa College. Registrations are filling up quickly so reserve your spot today!

Click this link to reserve your seat

You have the social media plan but are you executing properly?

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
Another discovery I found was that most companies do not have the internal staff to handle their social media execution (I have been doing a little social media staffing too 😉 or they do have the staff but they’re just not familiar enough with the social media tools so there’s a very select few people in the industry who are speaking, consulting, or teaching in this space who actually have track records such as myself who come to the rescue.

As I continue to develop my authority in the social media space, I realize the importance of having an actual social media plan.  It cannot be a template.  It is not a one-size-fits-all.   Every single company is different.  Every single company has a different corporate culture.  Every single company has a different executive team with different priorities and so you need take that into consideration when you’re developing your social media strategy for your business.  I have about 20 case studies that we’ve done over the last couple years I’d be more than happy to share some of these case studies with you.  I want to also point out that if you are a small business, social media is a way to get a leg up on your larger competitors if your willing to put in the hard work required.  I’m telling you right now social media is leveling the playing field for your small business and you can get the word out online about your products and services just as easily as any other company.  This is a huge opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to really gain traction.  Weather you are building a personal brand or a company brand, you now can take advantage of having a competitive advantage and being the early adopter.  I’m also reminded of the old BNI networking group saying “companies don’t plan to fail they fail to plan” and this really applies to social media.  So get started if you haven’t already and if you have be sure to subscribe to this blog for FREE tips, tricks, tools, and most importantly advice on social media success stories.

Speak to you tomorrow-
Justin “Resilient” French