What 4 Key Questions Should You Ask When Launching A Social Marketing Campaign?

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Social marketing campaigns can be basically implemented in a local, regional or national level or a combination of any of these levels. Each social marketing campaign can be custom made to reach the desired targeted audience regardless where they are located.

The initial concept of social marketing was a result of blending ideas and principles of commercial marketing with the public health’s desire to promote and provide social behavior in individuals. At present, social media sites are seeing a virtual explosion and you have to be in touch with the virtual world to stay in touch with these instant message networks and relevant information for your market and industry. Try and target specific groups or individuals during your social networking campaigns to ensure that your product reaches the right people.

Social marketing campaigns aim at influencing the ideas, attitudes and behaviors of target individuals in order to improve personal as well as social welfare through commercial marketing technologies especially using the internet. The term “social marketing” and “mass media” are used interchangeably but the main difference is that social marketing uses a wide range of communications method to influence and benefit society and not merely to increase sales.

Just like the process of commercial marketing, social marketing deals with four aspects of a consumer and how they deal with products. For example,

1. What product is required for this consumer?

Social marketing serves to pinpoint and enforce consumer needs like medical procedures, heath initiatives, or health ideas like preservation of the environment and recycling. Here social marketing serves as a research tool to find out what the consumer needs and possible products to make them to take action towards achieving it.

2. What would be the ideal price of the product?

The price of the product is determined to allow the consumer to decide what they would be willing to pay for a product and using social media marketing or social marketing can provide quick feedback. Social marketing allows vendors to listen to the audience feedback on what they might be willing to pay for such products or services.

3. Where can they get the product?

Through this aspect of social marketing campaigns, consumers are assured of a good supply of the product along with distribution systems, warehouses and retail outlets where the product is sold and will be readily available. Social marketing ensures that the customer will have up to date and relative information of the product as and when he or she requires it once the product or service is ready to be released to the market. Don’t forget the social media strategy of building up the “online buzz” prior to product or service launch to generate more interest much quicker than traditional marketing mediums.

4. How will you be Promoting the product?

Although this is the least important aspect of social marketing, it’s often the most visible and thus mistakenly considered the most important. Using social networking and social media for business to promote products and services to various online networks is a science that must be communicated in a marketing combined with an engaging way with the audience. This can be critical to the success of the online marketing campaign, and with the right strategy, social networking san diego can help your form a successful social marketing campaign.

These questions basally are the building blocks of the social marketing campaign. A social marketing campaign should provide additional information to the audience’s so that they can take the ‘next step’ forward in the buying process. Almost all social marketing campaigns are a long term investment, as society needs time to accept changes and changes cannot be made by individuals overnight. A strategic social marketing campaign may require a lot of time to reach the particular objective but we help do the work for you by the many proven research techniques we use. This is why clients partner with us and trust us to help conduct these campaigns and get them trained to be involved in their online community.

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