Does your business have a social media strategy in place yet?

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After completing another one of our weekly social networking and social media 101 Webinars today, I realized just how ahead of the curve we and a few other social media marketing firms are. Prospective companies are SCARED of social media and its mostly the upper management who have been so used to conducting “business as usual” but i assure you that the game has changed. Companies need innovative techniques, better strategies, and word of mouth referrals for their products and services instead of just the same old email newsletter. Now don’t get me wrong, social media marketing isn’t the end all be all, but its the start of something big that larger corporations (some big brands are already doing it) are getting into, but what about the small and medium sized businesses? This SMB market is where we have been helping out lately and i can safely say that its a lot of work and can be draining at times. The thing that keeps me going though are knowing just how many small and medium sized businesses are hurting right now so i try to tailor a proposal that fits around their budget. Its the least i can do instead of turning away their business completely because they don’t have a budget. Or i suggest them to take some twitter 101 for business training or linked-in training which we teach business development teams how to use these tools for lead generation purposes.

To cater to the growing needs of individual business owners, (we are getting a HUGE amount of inquiry from this part of the market and want to help them) I am working on an internet coaching 8 week fast-track to social networking program taught by myself and my VP Keith. Is their anything in particular you would like to see in there? How much do you think would be a reasonable cost for an 8 hour course? Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and YES we will have an affiliate sign up for you to help promote this and make some extra CASH!

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone,

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