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Heard of twitter? Are you on linked-in and just Lost?

As busy professionals, you probably have heard lately between sales calls and meetings the talk about twitter or social networking right? Well, we are extending a GREAT offer to our network to come take part in an interactive workshop where you will see why social sites like linked-in, facebook, and twitter can actually have BUSINESS value associated with them IF you know how to use these tools properly

Our clients typically see these results from using these social tools effectively: new alliances, new prospects, sales leads, competitive intelligence, industry trends, and even new business! This can all be accomplished at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing approaches like direct mail and telemarketing which are producing shrinking returns anyway

Get an up-grade on your business development methods and marketing tactics or lose out to your web-savvy competition

Once busy professionals realize the power of building BUSINESS relationships online, it actually increases business for them off-line too. Think of this workshop as an instructional course on how to do business in the digital on-line world

  • What you will learn:
  • How to generate prospects using on-line tools
  • How to get more clients using social media and social networking
  • Get an on-line marketing plan for your business to execute right away
  • How to fully understand the internet puzzle
  • Learn how to beat your competition on-line
  • Learn why social media marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing & how to make $

Who should attend?

Marketing Managers

Business Owners



Business Development Managers

Sales Professional