What Is A Typical Day Like In The Field As A Social Media Strategist?

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My colleagues, partners, customers and friends always wonder, “So Justin, you’re a social media strategist huh, then what is a typical day like for a social media strategist? What do you actually DO?” It’s also important to know that as an Entrepreneur running another start-up and consulting on a regular basis for a few clients, many wonder what a typical day looks like. Here is a detailed breakdown of a typical day in the life as a social media strategist (play by play)

I hope this is beneficial and eye opening to those business professionals considering using social media marketing to assist in growing their personal brand or company brand online. Be prepared- you are investing time, money, and sometimes countless hours of sweat equity but at the end of the day I must caution you- be prepared for a exciting and sometimes overwhelming and draining journey

6:30AM Wake up to a fair and balanced news station on TV

7:30AM Check twitter stream (latest news) listen to voicemails and check emails/ follow up (Google alerts) from the night before (usually competition and industry trends) on the G1

7:45AM Check Google Reader on some of my favorite Blogs

7:55AM Listen to what some authorities are doing (usually my custom twitter accounts I set up for filtering) to try and continually better myself, I study the best

8:15AM Check linked-in and Facebook (my business account) and maybe E-Cademy if time

8:30AM Client call backs, follow ups, then get on the clock (consulting)

9:30AM brainstorming session with executives on current month’s promos

10:30AM check some Google analytic stats, keyword performance, verify content postings (measuring campaign success and ROI for SNSD and clients)

11:30AM check in/ focus group with key TEAM members, progress and status check on projects

12:30PM Lunch

1:45PM watch a couple you-tube videos on industry items (social networking, social media, tech, entrepreneurship, leadership, or sales)

2:15PM Engage in twitter with prospects, friends, clients, etc. send out a newsletter or two, read some headlines on twitter, delegate some tasks to my assistant

3:15PM Billing, banking, and where I am with latest projects / products in development for social media and social networking for business

4:30PM Conduct a webinar on twitter, linked-in or maybe my online psychology class. Also, prepare next week’s curriculum for Mira Costa College social networking class. Maybe prepare for an online interview or Press Release or prepare talking points for a speaking engagement (power point slides using 10X20X30 Formula- thanks Guy Kawasaki)

5:00PM Record a you-tube video or two, prepare tomorrows blog post, check in with key contacts/ circle of influence

6:00PM Gym / or Soccer

9:00PM Dinner, another you-tube video (Always learning)

10:00PM Check twitter, thank followers, interacting, engaging, learning

11:00PM Call it a day

I’m interested in what your day looks like. Would you mind sharing what your typical day looks like? Is it a little similar/ different? I look forward to hearing from you-
Justin R French

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