Guest Post By Social Media Student- How Social Media Affects Our Business

Kent Wright

Social Media is the critical element for our business to get more exposure in ways not possible 10 years ago. Social Media opens up avenues of potential opportunity (both good and bad), not realized before in the areas of marketing and networking. What is very clear and critical for success in social media is developing a specific strategy before establishing an online presence. One approach that Social Media uses is the stipulation of requiring friends/business associates to become fans to our page and then leveraging them to attract new ones; the more fans we have of our page, the more exposure they have to our business and our message because they are notified every time we update the status of our page. As a result, fans can comment on status updates with hopefully, positive content about what we are doing. The goal of social media then is an online conversation that stimulates and promotes an emotional response towards our message. When that goal is achieved, people take pleasure in the feeling of satisfaction and then with a bit of luck, will pursue a business relationship with us.

But Social Media is not finished at this point, because not only is it a tactic to get our business message advertised in a public manner, but it can also be a way to personalize an ideal that we have about our business. For example; we use our business as a means to assist several at risk groups that rescue and save some specific people in Africa that would otherwise be enslaved or killed. This message focus rises above the day to day business routines and settles on what we believe is actually important in life and that is to make a difference in the world. Social Media allows us the capability to align ourselves with these charity organizations and demonstrate to the community we are more than just ink on paper, we stand for something greater.

Guest Post By:

Kent Wright

Digital Operations Manager

Convergence, a division of SOS Printing, Inc.

A Fellow San Diego Business

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