Marketing on the internet!

Marketing on the internet is the new buzz word. But not everyone knows exactly how it works, do they? Think about it! Did you ever wonder why results for a search on Google come out like that? Who decided which sites came first and how? Do you have to pay anyone for your site to be the first choice on any topic? If you are selling handbags, how do you ensure that your site is the best and the first in all Google rankings whenever searches for handbags?

Marketing on the internet is simple but understanding the basics can take a lot of time. A few simple tricks commonly used in internet and marketing are:

  1. Advertise, advertise and advertise– advertising copy can get you the best sales possible. The internet is a blind medium where you have to encourage customers to come to your site without actually seeing your products! Your advertising copy and content should speak to each customer as much as possible. Content at your site should fool the customer into reading more and buying. It’s as simple as that!
  2. Free stuff counts– It really doesn’t matter what you’re selling. As long as your offer something free with the product you will get customers. It can be a free e-book, free templates, free graphics etc…You get the idea! No matter what you are offering if the “FREE” tag is associated with the sale; you get customers.
  3. Target your sales– It happens that customers who come to your site may not have the money or actually need your product; they’ve just come there by accident. And that does mean traffic but doesn’t translate to sales. Target your audience by streamlining your product and the sales copy on your site for internet marketing. That means if you are selling brown handbags; the copy at your website should repeat that mantra again and again. You will attract the customers who want to buy brown handbags.
  4. Offer discounts– Simply put, discounts count. You might be offering a great product, but unless you offer the magic word “DISCOUNT,” customers are not going to be lured. Combine products with sales discounts, and you should get a lot of sales.
  5. And lastly- Don’t exaggerate! Sales copy is sometimes really exaggerated, customers notice that. Try to keep your sales copy to the point; exaggerated and screaming content makes customers feel that the site is a scam or a virus hive.

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