Marketing your product on the internet with marketing articles!

Internet for marketing? Does it work? And how do you make sure that your products and your website get the best customers who have the money to buy?


Marketing articles are the best way to sell your product on the internet. That means you may have a website or a blog of your own but unless you are totally familiar with SEO and link building; your maiden venture into internet for marketing is going to fail miserably. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it is one of the core rules to draw customers and relevant traffic to your website. One of the simplest explanations of SEO is that if you want to sell handbags, you better make sure that your website content is filled with the correct number of words all talking about handbags! Search engines like Google and Yahoo trawl the internet daily searching for new content and then indexing the content in their archives according to the most number of words (keywords) in the content. If you have more than 10% of words in the content about handbags, then you would have a higher chance of getting indexed in the search for handbags. The higher amount of words and relevant links about handbags the higher you go on the search results pages of Google. Of course, it isn’t quite as simple as I’ve said it but you get the gist. A few more tips you can try out to optimize your content are-

  • Put your keywords high up. That’s very important. The higher your keywords come in the content and the title, the more traffic and page rating on Google you get! Keep your title within 200 characters and with a description of about 20 words.
  • Stick to a 10% density of keywords. Any more and the search engines automatically list your site as spam or worthless content.
  • Place relevant links to authority sites and get them to link to your website for internet marketing. Ask other blogger friends to link to your site and post about your product and you can post about them in reverse.

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