What in the heck is social media marketing anyway? You want me to do what with my client?

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Social Media Marketing is a new form of online marketing using social media websites like you tube, podcasting, syndicating content, and many other web 2.0 websites to ENGAGE partners, customers, and potential clients. Social media marketing is exploding right now and your business should be getting involved sooner than later. The big thing to remember about social media is that its “social”. Traditional media companies are realizing that consumers are getting frustrated with traditional marketing tactics and we even have Tivo to fast forward through commercials now. If you think this is easy, think again. It will require a technology savvy company who understands strategy, marketing, branding, community building, and good content writing for starters. So a local college student tweeting for you, posting on facebook, writing your blog, and doing your discussions in linked-in might not be the best fit. Maybe you should get your business development and sales team some training on one of these social networking websites from our CEO JustinRFrench by going here: Twitter 101 or Linked-In 101 for Business Coaching/ Training and see how our clients are seeing an increase in their business by learning how to leverage these social media marketing tools.

โ€œ I give it a “10” FOR SURE! โ€

โ€” Joanne Stephens on Jun 18, 2009.

The important thing to understand as business professionals is that this new form of social media marketing can produce better results than some forms of traditional marketing methods if done right. Not to mention is is even cheaper. The key to the success of your social media marketing campaign is the strategy.

At Social Networking San Diego, we help our customer’s develop a proper strategy around their products and services, implement the technology marketing system we have developed, measure the success, AND train the employees how to use these tools to be more “social” when reaching customers in these social webs. Businesses that are not getting involved in this social media marketing will be left behind by competitors and now is a great time to gain competitive advantage by developing a social media marketing strategy around your products or services. Here was a popular blog post i did on The 4 quickest Tips Ever To Social Media Marketing Success to help get you started

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