You have the social media plan but are you executing properly?

Another discovery I found was that most companies do not have the internal staff to handle their social media execution (I have been doing a little social media staffing too ūüėČ or they do have the staff but they’re just not familiar enough with the social media tools so there’s a very select few people in the industry who are speaking, consulting, or teaching in this space who actually have track records such as myself who come to the rescue.

As I continue to develop my authority in the social media space, I realize the importance of having an actual social media plan. ¬†It cannot be a template. ¬†It is not a one-size-fits-all. ¬†¬†Every single company is different. ¬†Every single company has a different corporate culture. ¬†Every single company has a different executive team with different priorities and so you need take that into consideration when you’re developing your social media strategy for your business. ¬†I have about 20 case studies that we’ve done over the last couple years I’d be more than happy to share some of these case studies with you. ¬†I want to also point out that if you are a small business, social media is a way to get a leg up on your larger competitors if your willing to put in the hard work required. ¬†I’m telling you right now social media is leveling the playing field for your small business and you can get the word out online about your products and services just as easily as any other company. ¬†This is a huge opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to really gain traction. ¬†Weather you are building a personal brand or a company brand, you now can take advantage of having a competitive advantage and being the early adopter. ¬†I’m also reminded of the old BNI networking group saying ‚Äúcompanies don’t plan to fail they fail to plan‚ÄĚ and this really applies to social media. ¬†So get started if you haven’t already and if you have be sure to subscribe to this blog for FREE tips, tricks, tools, and most importantly advice on social media success stories.

Speak to you tomorrow-
Justin “Resilient” French

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