Will you lead the social media pack in 2011?

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Now that we are in the year 2011 and social media continues to be a hot topic for people and businesses, I thought I would see where you are at in your social media journey.  In continuing to develop my own thought leadership in this space now for 2 plus years, one thing is for certain- the learning never stops.  And as you know, everyone has their own adoption curve when it comes to social media. Some more quickly than others. Some just talk theory. Some apply theory into action.  Some teach it. Some execute. Some sell.

Once you get involved and start engaging in social media for business or personal purposes, you will see these two worlds start to become blended together.  Some consider transparency in business and personal a separate thing.  Now with social media depending on how active you are no one is out of the limelight anymore.  Recruiters now use social media for hiring. News outlets are leveraging social media as a way to publish content for the changing landscape of media and charge premium subscriptions for premium content.

So my question for you in 2011 is how will you continue to adopt social media as part of your business strategy?  Is it fully integrated yet?  Are you still getting more educated first? Are you applying theories and testing with your business model? Have you been able to see the cost savings achieved from your efforts?

A funny yet ironic thing for me is that I used to run an IT consulting firm called Perfect Integration from 2002-2008. Now with our Social Marketing Agency, we are actually integrating social media as part of business strategies for firms to achieve much more cost effective marketing in ways they never dreamed while driving business results.  So I guess you could say the name “Perfect Integration” was a little early, and helped give form to  “Social Media Integration” which is what we do now.  We are living in exciting times my friends….

Continue your journey through the social media trenches and Godspeed ahead into 2011! Stay tuned because you won’t want to miss what we have in store for you :)

Happy New Year!

Justin Results French

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