Top 5 Key Principles For Business I Learned While Attending Gravity Summit At Harvard

First- What is Gravity Summit?

An almost 1 year old Social Media Authority that supports educates and empowers businesses on how they can add social media marketing into their business strategy. More on Gravity Summit Here:

Where was the Conference: Harvard Faculty Club, Boston Massachusetts and was actually streamed LIVE by CNN!

Length of the conference: 8 hours

Basic Outline: Actual Business Case Studies of how companies are using social media from companies like DirectTV, Red Cross, Intuit, Southwest, Dominoes Pizza, and many others. Keynotes from McHammer and Gary Vaynerchuck

Why did I go? I wanted to get a taste for the Harvard Experience as some of my instructors I had in college graduated from there, and brought some of the Harvard teaching principals into our classroom environment. I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to see what life was like in Boston (My first time to the east coast) & also get some great information to bring back to the small business community we help support, educate, and empower with some of our social media campaigns that are sold now on a per project basis only for simplification.

Principal 1- Listen First-
This may sound simple for business people, but believe it or not, it can be very time consuming and require a lot of internet research. If you don’t have the time (I would suggest a minimum of an hour a day to start off getting educated and listening) then you may want to wait to get into this game/ landscape. You would be surprised at how many small business professionals I run across that have even a hard time with internet research. Mostly because they don’t have the time, but if small & mid-sized businesses are to start growing again, they MUST look for new innovative ways and out-side the box thinking to sustain. When your business is considering jumping into the online marketing space, social media marketing, or any form of marketing for that matter, know first where your customers are engaging online, what their concerns are with your products or services, and problems they may currently be facing. This helps you filter out a lot of the internet “noise” that exists. Then once you know this intelligence, have a solution/ better mouse trap or product/ service to provide, state your facts/ opinions, and engage the audience, but always try to provide VALUE to the community. Speaking of Community, that takes me into my next principal (stay tuned for tomorrows principal- this will be a series of 5 posts)

What principals would you add? Do you agree/ dis-agree with some of my principals? I am interested in hearing from all businesses (large and small)

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