The 1 key to success for doing business in the digital age through social networking and social media is building relationships

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After speaking at many workshops, tweet-up groups, client presentations, webinars, and talk radio shows, I am always asked. “Justin, what would you say your biggest key to success for business people is during these turbulent times” My answer is always this:

These times have taught us a lot about ourselves, our government, and that doing business as usual does not cut it anymore. The game is changing so the biggest tip I have for business people is to understand that in the online world there is going to be a HUGE learning curve for you. You can get educated, dive into the on-line world open minded, or lose your market to competitors. You MUST learn to network as you do off-line at local chamber events on-line using twitter and linked-in. These are my top 2 social networking tools for relationship building.

The reason these tools are so powerful for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and other passionate people, is because this virtual ability to connect with other like minded people with similar passions and form strategic alliances, new business relationships, and opening up doors of opportunity if you can see the angle and execute. It comes down to building relationships and as business people, building relationships leads to new business. This is not an overnight process. It requires sweat equity, knowledge, good communication, business sense online, psychology, and some technical aptitude. Large media outlets do not have the power any longer because of new viral communication tools like twitter. If you are a business professional and need training, coaching, or consulting on how to leverage these tools, sign up for one of my webinars here: Twitter 101 for business webinar

I look forward to your success in the digital age, and please follow me on twitter so we can learn from each other. Every person has a story to tell about their life, and I look forward to learning your.

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