Entertainment Vs. Education

Entertainment has taken over our society and we need to get back to education. A fellow twitter friend Jeff Perry w/ One Coach really touched on some good points that i elaborate on.

Listen to CEO Justin R French explain this important concept

Warning: This is kind of a rant- BUT I try to touch on some important things. Please forward this blog post to a friend you may now who needs some motivation or personal development.

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3 Responses to “Entertainment Vs. Education”

  1. bill owens says:

    great insight here, i would have to agree to a certain extent

  2. Steve Hill says:

    I think you did an excellent job at pointing out a growing problem facing American society today. More and more people are living vicariously through celebrities (actors, musicians, politicians, athletes, etc.) and I do think that many Americans are beginning to lose touch with whats going on the in the world. It seems as though an unfortunate byproduct of economic prosperity is excessive leisure time. People undoubtedly find it easier and easier to spend more and more time tracking celebrities. In my opinion this is because people find it harder to communicate face to face and deep, developing interpersonal relationships is slowly being replaced with watching people on tv interact. I believe that another reason is that our government has enabled this behavior through welfare programs. Many of the people who track celebrities come from the lower socio-economic class. Welfare programs have enabled these people to limit themselves to working part time jobs and spend large chunks of time with many of the things I just talked about. What makes me furious is that hard working Americans (I know you probably didn’t mean to call ALL Americans lazy in your video) are forced to pay for these programs, thus perpetuating a cycle of ignorance, shallowness, and naivety. I wish there was a way to teach critical thinking to the masses, perhaps then we wouldn’t be so apt to support things like Cash-for-clunkers or socialized medicine. I’m a management/marketing student and I’m still amazed how many of my peers lack an outside the box mentality (maybe that’s why I’ve been educating myself in the cutting edge world of social media). But then again maybe those who are shrewd enough to find ways of harnessing the power that exists in mass ignorance (sadistic I know) stand at an advantage. However I do think the best solution is improved critical thinking that comes not from watching celebrities, but from understanding how the world truly is and how it truly works.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you very much for your insightful comments. I actually had to read it twice because i learned so much from you. You are far ahead of the curve. Us as business professionals see great value in continued education and social media is that current trend. At the end of the day like you say, improving critical thinking skills and figuring out how the world “really” works is critical. Thank you again for your comments. Please connect with me on twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/JustinRFrench if we aren’t already connected. cheers
    Justin R French