How Golf Relates To Business, Social Networking and Twitter


Two passions of mine are golf and business. These two are very similar, especially when it comes to the on-line world. As we become a more digitally connected society, it is important to build business relationships online in the virtual world as well as the golf course. Major business deals believe it or not are  done on golf courses around the world. I have come up with some unique ways golf relates to social networking for business. I am interested in your feedback so please let me know if these are sufficient points.

1. Your business takes time to grow, just like your golf game
No one can go out and shoot 72 their first time, not even Tiger Woods did that. Just like in business, no one becomes a success overnight. It takes years of building up. Some newbie golfers go to golf camp to learn the basics or maybe a golf boot camp for the fast track approach. Just like our company in San Diego called Social Networking San Diego which gives the fast track (Bootcamp) to social media and social networking for business purposes. The same applies when doing business online. If you think its easy think again. The point is You MUST get educated on how to do business online if you are to play the business game online. Is your website generating leads for you? how is your pay per click campaign doing? Is your SEO up to par? What social video sites are you on? Are your leads converting?

2. Golfing is usually done with friends, business partners, or colleagues
I cant tell you how many times i have been golfing with people i enjoy spending time with. I have been golfing with clients, partners, and of course family and friends. The thing to understand is golf is relationship building just like social networking. It takes time and those who are in it for the short run or are looking at twitter negatively just don’t get it. Twitter is just a communication tool to build relationships online. Both personal relationships and business. Think of twitter simply as a virtual networking group on demand.

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6 Responses to “How Golf Relates To Business, Social Networking and Twitter”

  1. Pretty good post. I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I have learned alot from reading your blog posts. I’ll subscribe to see if you post any updates.

  2. admin says:

    thank you very much from your comment. im glad i could help contribute to your knowledge about social media- cheers and keep it in the short grass- Justin

  3. richard says:

    I love this blog cool looking design as well.

  4. Oren Spadard says:

    Looks as if Tiger Woods has lost his touch at the moment. What a useless score in the Florida Championship.

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