Social Media and Social Networking Coaching Program Launched

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In between teaching, consulting, running a start-up, and trying to have a little fun every now and then for the summer, I have been in the process of working with my programmer on an online coaching and training program to help the individual business owner who wants to invest time on their own and build sweat equity into the social media and social networking for business journey and here it is:

The Social Networking And Social Media Business Kit- FREE Introductory Offer – Click Here –

The reasons i am doing this are for 3 fold:

1. I have ALWAYS been passionate about helping the small business community, and now is my chance to use technology to cater to a wider audience & many business professionals have inquired about me teaching them so i will record a series of videos and then do 1 on 1 coaching for a small fee (still considering price)

2. Business people i have met online & offline TRUST me and know that i tell things how it is and i will not sugar coat this social media and social networking for business journey and they appreciate and understand my helpful nature

3. Education is the most important thing right now for social media hence why i am now teaching this Fall semester at Mira Costa College to help the business community get back on track

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate to help market the program to your network and help spread the word on this social media for business coaching program please let me know

Thank you for all your continued support
CEO Social Networking San Diego

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