Top 4 ways SMB market can achieve success with social networking, social marketing, and social media for business continued

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3. My executive team and I have been consulting with the SMB market for many years. Because we have worked in MANY different industries and capacities such as financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and service, we have been diversified and can provide the proper solution to various online marketing challenges no matter what business they are in. The processes and systems we use are very similar. For me, it’s just like starting a business. Once you start one business, you can start another, it’s just maybe a different target market, product, service, or business model, but the foundations to conducting business are very similar.

We have developed a systematic process of identifying core business problems and challenges with marketing, establishing a framework, agreeing on deliverables, and implementing the proper solution for our clients. The workflow we have created is proprietary and clients have been blown away at the efficiency and results it creates for their company. We make our clients aware that things may not always go according to plan, but they are rest assured knowing we have the right problem solving capabilities, the team in place, and the same concepts we have employed for years that has been largely successful for several other clients. Not to mention a lot of this is due to the trust factor we have gained over the years. At the end of the day, that is what companies pay us to do- solve their online marketing problems. Whether its strategy, planning, training, consulting, implementation, etc. Companies need to go above and beyond for their clients these days and I am seeing this everyday thanks to social networking sites like twitter. Doing business online is a HUGE complexity and sadly many companies have been burned. Just like when I was in the IT field, we had to establish trust first before our clients accepted us. We achieved this by selling ourselves, not just our products or services. Think of doing business on the internet like a science- a science we reveal to our signed clients just how everything ties together for great business success on the internet.

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