Social Media Student Post – Using Social Media Towards A Better Economy

Wesley While I was sitting in class last week, I had a little epiphany in regards to the role Social Media Consultants serve in the grand scheme of things, namely, fixing our economy. I firmly believe that small businesses and new startups are instrumental in getting America out of this current recession. On the Social Networking San Diego homepage, there is a supporting quote from President Obama, “Small businesses and entrepreneurs will be the driving force of bringing us out of this recession.”

A recent study found that a large percentage of small business owners also feel the same way. 72% of small business owners stated that they will be the driving force behind our economic recovery in 2010. (SRC)

So, what does Social Media and Social Media Consultants have to do with fixing the economy?

Many small businesses and new ventures are using Social Media for their business, whether they use it to market their products/services, build brand awareness, engage with customers, etc. There are many small business owners and entrepreneurs, however, that may possess the marketing know-how but don’t have the knowledge or lack the familiarity in using social media.

That is where Social Media Consultants come in. Companies such as Social Networking San Diego serve to help small businesses learn the tools of the trade, how to not only use, but leverage Social Media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc. In turn, small businesses will benefit in a multitude of ways, from spending less money on traditional (and most likely unsuccessful advertising outlets), by increased brand equity, customer relations, higher conversion rates, etc.

With the successful implementation of a Social Media strategy, hopefully small businesses will be able to prosper, grow, and create new jobs, and ultimately in the long run, create new jobs and bring us out of this recession.

Wesley Quach
Management / Entrepreneurship Major
College of Business Administration
California State University San Marcos

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