Are you a Social Media Visionary?

First off, as 2009 comes to an end soon, I am very humbled by all the great people I have come to know on twitter over the last year throughout our journey. The team at SNSD could not have gotten here without all your support. Honestly, it’s those close to me in my network on Linked-in and especially Twitter that keep me moving forward even though some days I feel like I am in the dumps or have lost my mind….

I have heard so many different terms used for the new title in social media lately and wanted to discuss some of the following with you and get your feedback:

Social Media Strategist
Social Media Consultant
Social Media Advocate
Social Media Manager
Social Media Coordinator
Social Media Coach
Social Media Mentor
the list goes on……

People want to know where the jobs are- they are in social media. If you have a business degree, experience in consulting, understand strategy, marketing and sales, and have some technical abilities, these are the types of careers to consider. Are there any titles I am missing? If we are connected on twitter or linked-in and we share a common bond around the social media movement for business, I want to hear from you. I have some very exciting things planned for 2010 and as we have developed and grown our thought-leadership collectively on social media for business, we will finally be able to start productizing our best practices and direclty impacting the business community in a positive way. Can you say turn-key?

More to come on this in 2010 :) Be ready for Great things!

Justin R French
Social Media Visionary

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