Social Networking, Business, Twitter, and Internet Marketing Wrap Up

This past month has been one of the busiest months I’ve experienced in years.  A little overwhelming and draining but in a good way. It all started from me paying it forward on twitter or (sharing my knowledge and expertise about business, technology, entrepreneurship, etc. with the fellow twitter professional community.)  It was as if twitter had finally enabled me to get my voice/ message heard around the country (even the world) that I had been preaching for the last seven years- “to help small businesses bridge the gap between business and technology.”

This online twitter community is as passionate about business as I am which makes me feel right at home in a virtual networking environment.   Instead of going to the local chamber, twitter is on demand and real-time.  I would suggest we still need both in today’s society.

It seems as if all my ten years of business experience and technical skills have been developed to test me for this moment.  Those close to me say I’m relentless which may be so, but I couldn’t be more passionate about helping businesses make sense of the power of the internet, technology, and how to properly apply these tools for best business practices.  Also who could forget the help of the Social Networking San Diego team and my close twitter followers.

By sharing my knowledge and expertise with the small business community locally in Southern California and globally on Linked-In and Twitter, things seemed to have come back to me ten fold; even to the point where I have had over 400 emails to catch up on, 50 linked-In invitations, and hundreds of twitter messages!  We have even managed to gain the eye of some larger corporations which excites me even more because they need help too just as small businesses.

Businesses large and small struggle to develop a proper internet marketing strategy because of the many puzzle pieces and complexities that exist with the world wide web.  That is where our team of professional internet consultants assist with a so-called
“corporate restructuring”  to help implement the proper solution  based on specific needs, industry, budgets, and department structure.

My question for my audience this evening is when you fall behind (in a good way) does your brain feel cluttered and if so could you offer some advice on how you re-focus and catch up? That’s how I have felt after this last month and now I’m trying to get back on track.  As professionals, we must sometimes fall behind and no matter how much project management, time management experience, or standard operating procedures we have in place, those feelings of being overwhelmed always come up.  It has been for good reason though because we were able to accomplish a lot though TEAM (together everyone achieves more) work and long hours at Social Networking San Diego.

Please give your thoughts/ advice it would be much appreciated.  Also, the next posting will be on the “Top 5 accomplishments businesses can achieve through twitter, social networking, and internet marketing”

– justinrfrench  Chief Internet Marketing Strategist of Social Networking San Diego

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6 Responses to “Social Networking, Business, Twitter, and Internet Marketing Wrap Up”

  1. John McTigue says:

    I offer my advice as someone who is clearly older (but not necessarily wiser). I’ve been in the IT business in general for close to 33 years, and that’s taken a lot of adjusting, especially in handling the mountains of daily e-mails (the original microblogs!). I take a look at myself and recognize that there are intervals of the day best suited for clear, creative thinking (the morning), getting grunt work done (such as managing IT resources – the afternoon) and cleaning up before relaxing (late afternoon – e-mail and phone calls). In the SM space that translates to blogging in the morning, sharing in the PM, and researching/networking in the evening. At my age, 53, you really don’t want to be chained to your laptop all day, so I take the iPhone out on the deck with a glass of wine, throw the ball for the Golden Retriever, and answer e-mails. If you want an instant answer from me, don’t send me an e-mail. Tweet me and I’ll hit you back!

  2. I truly believe the Social Media Tools can be used in many ways, especially also for larger corporation.

    We have even managed to gain the eye of some larger corporations which excites me even more because they need help too just as small businesses.

    One of the challenges for a brand manager is to find out if their social marketing strategy (if they have one) is in line with the overall brand positioning. If they don’t have a strategy yet, it’s time to ask someone to get this done!
    Once a brand has a social marketing strategy, a blog and the bloggers, the tweets, et al, carry a lot of opportunities to build, establish and enhance the brand, despite the risks contained in such a strategy.

  3. krissy knox says:

    The first thing I would say is to try to keep your focus going into whatever you are doing, if at all possible. Have good time management, schedule your work, and have some boundaries. Only you can decide what those are. I understand wanting to work hard and play hard. I understand paying it forward. Just be careful not to burn yourself out, or you won’t be able to do anything in the future!

    Secondly, to refocus, I find it a good idea to take time each morning or evening to spend some time alone, and meditate. Perhaps you’d like to review your day and think about what you’d like to do the next day (or in your case, review the past few months). After you’re able to put your work behind you (because you’ve sort it out), then just relax. Perhaps talk to the Lord. Empty yourself of stress. Focus on what brings you peace. Then perhaps you’ll want to do something invigorating and creative or recreative. Only you know what that would be. Just remember, live a balanced life.

    Finally, besides taking time for yourself each day, have a down day each week. Sunday is my day each week to come down, to meditate, to spend some time with family, and to have some fun!

    Love your blog! I’ll have to subscribe by RSS. I just saw the Pay It Forward movie a week ago. I was stunned when I realized one life could touch so many. Now I am seeing how it is working in my life also. I have a neat story to tell about my husband’s situation some time if you want to hear it (he inspired 300 people to give blood!).

    Paying it forward with you,
    krissy knox :)
    my main blog: Sometimes I Think
    Follow me on Twitter:

  4. 3 words: Getting Things Done. Stick to the system and have a “mind like water”. Works for me. Overlayed some of Tim Ferriss’ suggestions for email handling and haven’t looked back.

  5. social media marketing now a days rocks than any other websites.

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