The TRUE Power Of Your Social Network

To all my Followers, Friends & Family,

I received an unexpected call last week. To my Amazement, I was selected as a Top 10 finalist for the Blackberry & AT&T’s small business owners contest! WOW! As many of you know, not only am I on a mission to re-define the business world by using social media/ social networking, but I actually want to win the contest!

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I know you all are very busy, but I wouldn’t ask you to do anything unless you got something out of it of course, so here is an incentive to all of you in my network:

  • You all know how how hard I’ve been working at building my business & network up over the last 7 years, so if you vote for me and I win, I will raffle off and give away FREE 1 of the blackberry’s to a lucky person who is in my network!

I want to make a statement to the World- that social networking, building relationships, always having passion for what you do, and being transparent is the new way to conduct business.

So please help he win this contest and demonstrate the power of my network- built around you of course!

Thanks Everyone- cross your “twittering” fingers We win!

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Vote For Me HERE

Vote For Me HERE

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2 Responses to “The TRUE Power Of Your Social Network”

  1. Congratulation Justin. I’ve voted for you. I wish you can win. :)

  2. Justin French says:

    thanks me too- ill keep you updated Bey! thanks for being part of my network of professionals