Top 5 Questions When Considering Social Networking And Social Media For Business

I have been Blogging about social media and social networking since January 2009 and since then, things have just been exploding! Its Monday, time to get down to business!

This is a simple, to the point, NO BS Blog Post to keep you up-to-date on what’s been happening in the trenches of the social networking and social media consulting world in San Diego & across the country these last few months.

Top 5 Questions When Considering Social Networking And Social Media For Business
1. Who is your target audience? CFO’s, CEO’s, Purchasing Directors, Consumers, teens????

2. What is your objective? What re you selling? Product or Service? I.E. increase traffic to company website, increase sales, increase brand awareness, increase conversion, etc.

3. Get the right people on the bus (I can assure you that your corporation will most likely need an outside consultant to help with your social media strategy) Establish who is handling your content writing, tweeting, facebook, branding, marketing, design, content writing, etc.

4. How much time will YOU sped on this? This is not FREE! Its very complex, this is a social media science project so get ready put in some sweat equity

5. What do you want to do?

You have 3 options:
learn yourself
2. 100% outsourced online marketing or outsourced social media marketing to our team at Social Networking San Diego
3. Fast track to social media with Social Networking San Diego. This is the most chosen method by our clients. We help develop your goals/ objectives, strategy building, set-up, integration of all social networking and social media components, train, and coach you along the way.

Best success we have seen with our clients is a joint-effort or option 3. (we take a holistic approach that is cohesive and comprehensive which produces the most scalable results over time)

Are you ready to get your social media marketing strategy executed? Contact Keith our VP at 760-500-6043

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