Social Media For Busienss- An Actual LIVE Twitter Case Study

Last week, I had to get an oil change in the G35 before going to UCLA for the Linked-in group discussion on social media, social networking for business, and of course measuring ROI and I decided to try something on my own. After all the talk I had been hearing about using social media to measure the customer experience, as a CEO, i wanted to conduct a customer service rating of my service at Mossy Nissan Oceanside and tweet about it. So here is what i did.

1. I tweeted the entire experience i had (good and bad) and used a hashtag for tracking in 140 characters or less

2. I realized the power us as consumers will have and the “social influence” we will have over products/ services/ brands we decide to buy/ use in the near future

3. Me being a social media consultant for business, i was hoping to possibly demonstrate the feedback to the dealership and possibly get them on board with a campaign :)

So here is the text from my tweets and a screenshot of the results:

From justins work photos

Real-time results for #twittercase

justinrfrench Getting an oil change on the G35 for tomorrows trip to LA lets see how the customer experience is at mossy nissan oceanside #twittercase 7 days ago from Twit2go

justinrfrench #twittercase so far so good, customer service rep is enjoyable 7 days ago from Twit2go

justinrfrench #twittercase rep just tried to up sell me on additional services (sales 101 ok gotta appreciate that) 7 days ago from Twit2go

justinrfrench #twittercase times must be tough for them- now charging .50$ for coffee and no more water bottles 7 days ago from Twit2go

justinrfrench #twittercase car is ready, signing paperwork and paying now. So far pretty painless, pretty good customer experience thus far 7 days ago from Twit2go

justinrfrench #twittercase ok overall customer experience at mossy Nissan Oceanside (0-10) i give it a 7 bonus car wash im happy 7 days ago from web

Can you give me any case studies on customer experiences you have tried yourself using twitter? Let me know, id like to feature them on our blog (be a featured guest poster)


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