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Social Media MBA- The importance of unplugging from the Matrix

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Social Media MBA- Top 5 People You Need In Your Business

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Social Media MBA- how to bootstrap your way through business school

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

The Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Working with a Social Business Consultant

Friday, June 29th, 2012

social business consultants, social media consultant, social media consulting
Before working with a anyone who claims to be a social media consultant, you may want to ask yourself a few questions.
Please Ask yourself The Following before choosing to work with a social media person:

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Working with a Social Business Consultant:

1. Do I  have the time to learn all this social media stuff and stay up to date on my own?
2. Do I want to be a thought leader online in my industry?
3. Do I  have a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed?
4. Do I see the value in having an on-going and ACTIVE social media presence for my business and brand?
5. How are my competitors activities on social media comparing to my business?
6. Do I have the time to dedicate to marketing my company on-line or do I want a social business TEAM of consultants to do it for me?
7. How much is NOT having a strong on-line presence costing my business?
8. Am I still trying traditional marketing approaches or expensive pay per click that are producing diminishing returns?
9. Am I currently having success in my business from doing social networking & social media?
10. Will someone at my company or will I be the one working with the social media consultant on an ongoing basis?

Hope these questions help you out.
Justin “Results” French
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Social Media MBA- 21 KPI’s your business or agency must be measuring

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

how to measure social media roi for your business
In this FREE Report, I reveal the Top 21 KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) your business or agency must be measuring for Social Media ROI

First– ask yourself a question:

Which of the 3 website goals am I trying to achieve?

Websites typically focus on these 3 objectives:

Increase website traffic

Increase leads

Increase sales (Or what we help do- increase conversion)

Second ask yourself what is my cost per lead? Cost per customer? Remember: LTV of a customer (Or life time value)

Third: Understand Quantitative VS. Qualitative measurements

Now for the 21 KPI’s your business or social media agency should be measuring:

1. # of unique website visitors per month

2. # of Twitter followers & # of Twitter lists

3. # of mentions of your brand, product or service on twitter (see the tool )

4. # of Facebook friends/ Fans

5. # of clicks on links (find patterns in the time of day) this is FREE PPC! HUGE cost savings I’ve personally saved companies over 20,000$ easy that they would of spent on PPC  (who says social media is free??)

6. # of you tube subscribers

7. # of you tube channel views/ videos views

8. # of newsletter subscribers (or blog subscribers)

9. Know which traffic sources are sending you the most traffic (Google Analytics)

10. # of quality inbound links (SEO)

11. # of blog comments

12. # of opt ins to your list

13. # of linked in group members

14. Avg. time spent on site (social media increases this) More time is better

15. Bounce rate (you want this % as low as possible) Lower is better

16. # of leads, sales, and conversions (Percentage) This is the MOST IMPORTANT

17. # of customers you retain from social media (staying engaged and on top of mind)

18. % of revenue increase from social media marketing

These are just some additional supplemental benefits of social media:

19. How much a PR campaign or traditional campaign would of cost without using social media (Cisco saved 250,000$ that they would have had to spend) see video here:

They reached 90X the audience at 1/6th the cost with social channels.

20. Social Media produces much higher QUALITY of leads than paid advertising

21. Social media produces better conversion rates than email, PPC, CPA, CPM, etc.

Last Point:  Social Media is just simple communications Duh!


If you need an actual ROI Calculator, check out Dragon Search which we use quite often to show cost savings to clients. You can find here

Hope you enjoyed this FREE Report.  Click Here If you would like to subscribe to our Social Media VIP Insiders tips and tricks.


The Top 5 Takeaways From Brian Solis at the Linked OC Social Media Event

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Justin French and Brian Solis at Linked OC event

After being connected 3+ years to one of my favorite thought leaders in the social media space, Brian Solis and I finally had the opportunity to meet in Orange County at the Linked-OC event. We shared some laughs, he answered my questions, and I even got my copy of “End Of Business As Usual” signed that I had picked up at a local Barnes and Noble the first week it was out! Yes- I am a true Brian Solis fan but who wouldn’t be. Brian has been a huge inspiration to me and many others throughout their social media consulting journey and I did not miss this amazing opportunity to finally meet him in person. I wanted to thank him personally for all the valuable knowledge and insight he continues to share with the business community. His insights are always ahead of the curve.

Here are the Top 5 takeaways from Brian Solis at the Linked OC Social Media Event:

1. Meet in real life- Even though you may have connected with someone on-line, always take an opportunity to meet off-line as this will help strengthen the context of the relationship and create a deeper impact and emotional connection which can help reap huge benefits in your professional career. It’s sociology 101 people.

2. We are forever students- As Brian so rightfully mentioned in his presentation; these current times are trans-formative. Things are changing so quickly. I feel change is occurring in people not only personally but professionally. Embrace change. You must be constantly learning to stay relevant and current in today’s digital age OR risk being left behind. Life is a marathon so enjoy the music and March to the beat of your own drum.

we are forever students Brian Solis

3. Social Media is disruptive- just like Entrepreneurs. To get ahead in life, you MUST take an un-conventional approach. Conventional wisdom does NOT work anymore. You must think out-side the box, especially with your marketing. Just going to school, graduating, getting a job, and getting retirement after being with a company for 30 years is a RARE occurrence. This is now an exception to the rule, NOT the rule. The rule is to work your butt off doing something you love and make sure building a sustainable lifestyle you can be happy with at the end of the day saying you gave it your all each day before you go to bed.

4. Ask yourself and your clients- what defines success? How are you staying relevant to your connections on-line? How are you continually adding value? If you can’t answer these questions in your own life, you might have a hard time helping your clients see the social media success factors in their business. Think of yourself as a doctor. Ask questions. Really find out what impacts their business and help them to improve. Social Media Consultants have a rough job- convincing upper management, showing short term success even though it could take months to deliver ROI. If you are a social media manger or a social media specialist, you had better love what you do otherwise do something else and leave it to the professionals who are in the social media trenches every day. They eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff.

5. Big data is only valuable to you if you can translate it into decision making processes.  Word of mouth online generally is positive or negative. This sentiment can be measured. But data overload still exists in today’s business climate. The REAL question is how are you using this data to help make better decisions on product development, risk mitigation, client retention, etc. This word of mouth online trend is becoming more and more appealing to big brands and we will continue to see this space develop more and more over the coming years.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please share it with your social networks by using the buttons below.  Sharing is caring 😉
Have an amazing week-

Justin Results” French



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How Your Small Business Can Be More Social

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

social media for small business

Your Small Business and the Need to be Social.  

If one of your regrets as a small business leader in 2011 was not being social enough with current and potential customers, is this the year you improve that issue?

As more and more businesses are discovering, being anti-social when it comes to social media is not only the wrong thing to do, it can also very directly lead to a loss on one’s return on investment (ROI).

Among the many pros of having a social media influence on the Internet is that it can be done at relatively low cost to your company, mostly consisting of time and effort.

Deemed by some to be a fad that will come and go, social media has helped many businesses reach out to customers in real-time, allowing them to offer products and services, deal with customer issues and questions, and promote items essentially 24/7/365.


Some Business Owners Just Don’t Get It

That being said, some surveys still show the reluctance by business heads to engage in this medium

According to a recent report from SocialStrategy1 and OfficeArrow, more than two-thirds of business owners (more than 300 executives were polled) indicated they would not be investing time and money in social media this year. While a large number of such owners say they understand just how social media can have a direct impact on their bottom-line, they are nonetheless not going to invest in it.

For those who are using social media, nearly 50 percent said they do in order to improve brand awareness, 33 percent look to increase their leads output, 32 percent are seeking to better their customer service, and 17 percent have been looking to enhance both ratings and reviews.

It appears one of the biggest hurdles for businesses in using social media is many of them question whether or not they are getting a good ROI in return because they don’t measure such numbers. The survey points out that an overwhelming majority of those polled indicated they do not have an accurate understanding of how their present SM efforts were performing.

In the event your company’s social media results have not been very social to date, here are some things to do to improve upon those efforts:

• Fresh content. If your content is not frequently updated, don’t be surprised when both present and potential customers don’t return to the site. Posting on a daily or several times a week basis is crucial in order to get return visitors;

• Promote the content. Make sure you retweet important industry news and events when on Twitter and share similar items on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more. By doing so, you open the door to having others pass your message along, in essence, being free advertisers of your brand;

• Record the metrics. Make sure you spend the time and invest the necessary resources in recording and analyzing data. If you don’t know who is coming to your site, where they are coming from, when they are coming, etc. you are essentially taking a stab in the dark with your SM efforts;

• Have a game plan. Last but not least, make sure you know who is in charge when it comes to your social media campaigns. Some companies opt for their marketing or PR departments to handle SM campaigns. If your company is too small for such departments, then make sure the individual/s in charge of social media have some experience in this area. You may also look to spend the money and have your social media efforts outsourced to a company that does such work for a living.

If you haven’t already, take the time to invest the necessary resources into your social media campaign today.

Besides, you don’t want your company being known as one who is anti-social, do you?


Dave Thomas, who covers among other items small business loans, writes extensively for, an online resource destination for businesses of all sizes to research, find, and compare the products and services they need to run their businesses.



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Top 5 Takeaways from The real deal with Groupon 60 minutes interview

Monday, January 16th, 2012


high tech ceos under 40


In case you did not get a chance to watch 60 minutes this evening, you can watch the interview of CEO Andrew Mason (31 same age as myself) below. It was quite a good broadcast, and thought I’d share some takeaways from tonight.

1. High tech start-up CEO’s are becoming younger, more transparent, authentic, and open compared to traditional CEO’s.

2. The explosive growth of Groupon is great- the question will be can they sustain and become profitable long-term.

3. For high tech start-ups in today’s low barrier to entry climate, competition and knock-offs such as Living Social and others make it easy for competition to enter the market. The real question is how will your start-up and Groupon create more complex barrier to entries and long term sustainable competitive advantage?

4. The key to marketing for Groupon and other high-tech start-ups will always be proper communication and relevant communication to the appropriate audience.

5. Whether your Groupon or any other high-tech start-up, you need to always be able to identify the cost per acquisition per customer.

6. BONUS- Be careful of accounting tricks that look good on paper but can cause back-lash especially when you have investors or IPO.







I have a great deal of respect for Andrew Mason among all the constant criticism to continue moving forward and expanding the company to further heights.  Hope you enjoyed my synoposis.  Until we meet again..


Justin Results French

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Monday, November 21st, 2011

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