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Social Media MBA- Focus your work around your life

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Social Media MBA- Top 5 People You Need In Your Business

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Social media MBA in the trenches of Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

If there is one youtube video that every Entrepreneur should watch its this one

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Why Entrepreneurs Are Like The Long Shot At Del Mar

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010


Entrepreneurs starting businesses in the current economic climate have a real challenge yet an opportunity at the same time.  It separates them from others who would never take risks, especially when times are very tough.  This sets them apart from the competition.  Entrepreneurs start a business usually for one main reason: They see a problem, they are passionate about solving that problem, and will do everything necessary to achieve their goal of finding a solution to that problem. 


My current start-up Social Networking San Diego  was founded in January 2009 on the premise that majority of small business websites don’t generate traffic. I estimate 80% of small business websites don’t generate traffic. So with my technical, business, and entrepreneurial spirit, I vowed to solve this problem because o am passionate about helping the small business community.  So far things are going great and we are helping many clients solve this challenge & all while increasing sales of their products & services and saving money.  Like Barack Obama says “Small business and Entrepreneurs will be the driving force of getting us out of this recession”, and I couldn’t agree more.   


As for how this analogy relates to horse racing, Well 90 to 95% of Entrepreneurs fail because lack of funding, lack of leadership/ management, lack of sales, or lack of proper marketing.  Usually at the horse races (another passion of mine- I live 20 minutes form Del Mar Racetrack) I tend to put money on the long shots once in a while if I like the kckey, study work out times, know who the trainer was, etc.  I do my homework first.  Just like in business, when starting anew business venture, do your homework, and if you have a little luck or know the right people, you may just have a big pay day 😉  


If you would like to see more about Social Networking San Diego solutions for Social Marketing for business, check out our solutions page here:


You have the social media plan but are you executing properly?

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
Another discovery I found was that most companies do not have the internal staff to handle their social media execution (I have been doing a little social media staffing too 😉 or they do have the staff but they’re just not familiar enough with the social media tools so there’s a very select few people in the industry who are speaking, consulting, or teaching in this space who actually have track records such as myself who come to the rescue.

As I continue to develop my authority in the social media space, I realize the importance of having an actual social media plan.  It cannot be a template.  It is not a one-size-fits-all.   Every single company is different.  Every single company has a different corporate culture.  Every single company has a different executive team with different priorities and so you need take that into consideration when you’re developing your social media strategy for your business.  I have about 20 case studies that we’ve done over the last couple years I’d be more than happy to share some of these case studies with you.  I want to also point out that if you are a small business, social media is a way to get a leg up on your larger competitors if your willing to put in the hard work required.  I’m telling you right now social media is leveling the playing field for your small business and you can get the word out online about your products and services just as easily as any other company.  This is a huge opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs to really gain traction.  Weather you are building a personal brand or a company brand, you now can take advantage of having a competitive advantage and being the early adopter.  I’m also reminded of the old BNI networking group saying “companies don’t plan to fail they fail to plan” and this really applies to social media.  So get started if you haven’t already and if you have be sure to subscribe to this blog for FREE tips, tricks, tools, and most importantly advice on social media success stories.

Speak to you tomorrow-
Justin “Resilient” French

Top 5 Reasons You Should Meet Gary Vee

Monday, June 7th, 2010

1. He is living proof that if you CARE enough, engage, and work your face off you can become mainstream

Watch CBS News Videos Online

2. He is down to earth, completely honest & transparent

3. He is one of the most energetic hard working hustlers I know (besides myself)

4. He knows how to balance fun, work, and of course family life

5. I had the honor & privilege to meet Gary twice (Boston Gravity Summit and a Wine Meet-up in San Diego)

gary-vee-and-me, gary-vee-and-justin-french

the-entrepreneurs, gary-vee-and-justin-french, internet entrepreneurs-san-diego

In summary- Gary Vee has been a great inspiration in my continued jounrey of internet entrepreneurship, social media consulting, and most of all following my passion.  Feel free to leave a comment if Gary Vee has had an impact on your life- I would love to hear your story.  Please leave a comment below.  Cheers

Justin “Results” French

Going Rouge- The Social Entreprenurs Crushing It

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

the-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-are-us, social-entrepreneurs
GaryVee, Me, and Robert @ Syrah in San Diego- book signing of CrushIt (Still finishing up)

Buy it here discounted:

In case you haven’t noticed, Entrepreneurship is on the rise. Especially what I call “Social Entrepreneurship”. Why? I will give you 3 simple reasons:

1. No such thing as job security anymore
2. Average employee tenure at a firm is only 2 years and a few months
3. People are tired of doing things they are not passionate about, and are seeing new opportunities and accepting more risk to do something they love and follow their passion (especially Generation Y)

What are your thoughts about the current trend in Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurship being taught in business school? Agree or disagree? IBM embraces entrepreneurial minded people and formulates mini entrepreneurial teams to innovate, collaborate, and demonstrate products/ projects that create change and improvement over existing technologies. If there is one model company to follow its IBM. I have studied them for years, and they truly are an industry leader and we aspire to run our start-up the same way. For more on Entrepreneurship, please visit my blog “An Entrepreneurs Journey” here: The Journey Of An Entrepreneur Any comments? Do you agree/ disagree with my opinions? Let me know,

Justin CEO Social Networking San Diego

Buzzom Desktop : Twitter Client with Pre-Configured Twitter Elite Groups

Monday, October 19th, 2009


What desktop tool do you use to manage your twitter account? Probably you are using TweetDeck or Seismic Desktop. They are fascinating tools, and love them for multiple account management and multi-column look.

Something I miss is the SPAM control features. Always thought if I could get a tool where I can hide the tweets from people whom I cannot unfollow. I finally got one.

These days I have been using a new Desktop App, Buzzom Desktop developed by InRev Systems. InRev has good web based account management service, , particularly famous for its people search feature.
I had huge issues with other Twitter Clients particularly while posting Picture and videos, now Buzzom Desktop provides a cool drag and drop.
Next big thing I like about this tool is the cool Twitter Elite groups like Celebrity, Economy, Entrepreneur, Social Media, and Technology etc. These groups have all major Tweeters, and the groups are configurable to fit own interest. Best, you don’t need to follow these folks to get their update 

This Desktop Tool has some really great features, some of them include:
1. Hide users who are spamming with too many or useless tweets without unfollowing them.
2. Get updates on what the twitter elites like GuyKawasaki, BBC etc. are saying without following them.
3. Configure your buddy list and be in touch with them by viewing only their tweets.
4. Find news and people using keyword Search for tweets, location and biography.
5. Auto shorten your long URLs when they’re sent using
6. Drag-drop video and pictures to auto upload and tweet about them.
7. Choose how you want to see your tweets, by auto refresh or manual refresh.

I love this tool for its wonderful features. It’s a great time saver. Can’t say if it can compete with TweetDeck and Seismic yet, and establish itself in the elite category, but it deserves a try.

This tool is in its alpha version now, and is available for download . You can try it FREE here:


What Is A Typical Day Like In The Field As A Social Media Strategist?

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

social-media-strategist, social-media-consultant, justin-r-french, the-social-ceo

My colleagues, partners, customers and friends always wonder, “So Justin, you’re a social media strategist huh, then what is a typical day like for a social media strategist? What do you actually DO?” It’s also important to know that as an Entrepreneur running another start-up and consulting on a regular basis for a few clients, many wonder what a typical day looks like. Here is a detailed breakdown of a typical day in the life as a social media strategist (play by play)

I hope this is beneficial and eye opening to those business professionals considering using social media marketing to assist in growing their personal brand or company brand online. Be prepared- you are investing time, money, and sometimes countless hours of sweat equity but at the end of the day I must caution you- be prepared for a exciting and sometimes overwhelming and draining journey

6:30AM Wake up to a fair and balanced news station on TV

7:30AM Check twitter stream (latest news) listen to voicemails and check emails/ follow up (Google alerts) from the night before (usually competition and industry trends) on the G1

7:45AM Check Google Reader on some of my favorite Blogs

7:55AM Listen to what some authorities are doing (usually my custom twitter accounts I set up for filtering) to try and continually better myself, I study the best

8:15AM Check linked-in and Facebook (my business account) and maybe E-Cademy if time

8:30AM Client call backs, follow ups, then get on the clock (consulting)

9:30AM brainstorming session with executives on current month’s promos

10:30AM check some Google analytic stats, keyword performance, verify content postings (measuring campaign success and ROI for SNSD and clients)

11:30AM check in/ focus group with key TEAM members, progress and status check on projects

12:30PM Lunch

1:45PM watch a couple you-tube videos on industry items (social networking, social media, tech, entrepreneurship, leadership, or sales)

2:15PM Engage in twitter with prospects, friends, clients, etc. send out a newsletter or two, read some headlines on twitter, delegate some tasks to my assistant

3:15PM Billing, banking, and where I am with latest projects / products in development for social media and social networking for business

4:30PM Conduct a webinar on twitter, linked-in or maybe my online psychology class. Also, prepare next week’s curriculum for Mira Costa College social networking class. Maybe prepare for an online interview or Press Release or prepare talking points for a speaking engagement (power point slides using 10X20X30 Formula- thanks Guy Kawasaki)

5:00PM Record a you-tube video or two, prepare tomorrows blog post, check in with key contacts/ circle of influence

6:00PM Gym / or Soccer

9:00PM Dinner, another you-tube video (Always learning)

10:00PM Check twitter, thank followers, interacting, engaging, learning

11:00PM Call it a day

I’m interested in what your day looks like. Would you mind sharing what your typical day looks like? Is it a little similar/ different? I look forward to hearing from you-
Justin R French