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Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Why Entrepreneurs Are Like The Long Shot At Del Mar

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010


Entrepreneurs starting businesses in the current economic climate have a real challenge yet an opportunity at the same time.  It separates them from others who would never take risks, especially when times are very tough.  This sets them apart from the competition.  Entrepreneurs start a business usually for one main reason: They see a problem, they are passionate about solving that problem, and will do everything necessary to achieve their goal of finding a solution to that problem. 


My current start-up Social Networking San Diego  was founded in January 2009 on the premise that majority of small business websites don’t generate traffic. I estimate 80% of small business websites don’t generate traffic. So with my technical, business, and entrepreneurial spirit, I vowed to solve this problem because o am passionate about helping the small business community.  So far things are going great and we are helping many clients solve this challenge & all while increasing sales of their products & services and saving money.  Like Barack Obama says “Small business and Entrepreneurs will be the driving force of getting us out of this recession”, and I couldn’t agree more.   


As for how this analogy relates to horse racing, Well 90 to 95% of Entrepreneurs fail because lack of funding, lack of leadership/ management, lack of sales, or lack of proper marketing.  Usually at the horse races (another passion of mine- I live 20 minutes form Del Mar Racetrack) I tend to put money on the long shots once in a while if I like the kckey, study work out times, know who the trainer was, etc.  I do my homework first.  Just like in business, when starting anew business venture, do your homework, and if you have a little luck or know the right people, you may just have a big pay day 😉  


If you would like to see more about Social Networking San Diego solutions for Social Marketing for business, check out our solutions page here:


The Top 8 List – Most Popular Posts Of 2009 From SNSD

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Here is a Top 8 list of our Most Popular Posts for 2009 according to our tracking statistics on Hootsuite. You the community, clicked on these posts the most, so I put together a list of the most popular ones just in case you wanted to bookmark it or share it with your contacts (always appreciated)

Please help share these with the Business Community as I’m sure they will find these extremely valuable in preparing their strategy for 2010. This is in order of oldest post to the newest.

1. Top 5 Lessons Learned about Social Media, Social Networking, Twitter, and Business

This is the post that really kick-started our renewed passion for consulting, except instead of providing trusted IT consulting, our TEAM shifted into providing trusted Social Media Consulting because we identified the trends of businesses needing a team of consultants to help guide them on this new medium which should now be part of their marketing mix. Social media has been added to the equation of all marketing departments, or at least should be and the budgets will finally be there for 2010.

2. 10 Keys for Small Business Success Using Social Networking

This post gave actual tips small businesses can implement right away and gained much popularity among the small business community.

3. How CEO’s Can Create A Blue Ocean Strategy And Save The Company Using Social Media

As we know, good leadership starts from the top and works its way down, yet now we have seen a more bottom up approach thanks to social media. I would suggest any executives still trying to wrap their head around social media, you may want to read this popular post I did and the video explaining how to create a blue ocean strategy using social media with some examples in layman’s terms.

4. Top 5 lessons learned in the trenches of social networking for business and social media consulting

This post discussed what life has been like in the trenches of providing social media consulting and strategies for companies to leverage with even some lessons we learned early on. A good refresher like this is much needed for the New Year.

5. Top 5 Lessons in Trust relating to Social Media and Social Networking

Especially in today’s economic climate, we are extremely reliant upon the trust we have built with our network and community, and we must constantly be cultivating these relationships. The book I would recommend you read is by a fellow social media evangelist Chris Brogan. The title of his book Trust Agents speaks for itself. Here is where you can get your copy: Remember- leaders are readers!

6. San Diego Small Business Fair- Social Networking 101 Slides

This post gives the actual presentation I did at the local San Diego business fair. We received some very good feedback on the content presented so I encourage you to view this post just in case you missed the live event.

7. Top 10 Reasons Businesses Should Embrace Social Media and Twitter To Survive in 2010

Here was another Top 10 list I had put together explaining why businesses will should be embracing social media more as part of their business strategy for 2010. It received over 800 hits so there should be at least a few good points that you may find beneficial.

8. What are the ABC’s of Social Media For Business?

It is important to know the foundation of social media for business development purposes, so these ABC’s explain some of our processes we use (transparency) in working with clients to establish principles to ensure a solid foundation.

Here is to a great 2010 and we at the SNSD team wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Justin R French

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Are you a Social Media Visionary?

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

First off, as 2009 comes to an end soon, I am very humbled by all the great people I have come to know on twitter over the last year throughout our journey. The team at SNSD could not have gotten here without all your support. Honestly, it’s those close to me in my network on Linked-in and especially Twitter that keep me moving forward even though some days I feel like I am in the dumps or have lost my mind….

I have heard so many different terms used for the new title in social media lately and wanted to discuss some of the following with you and get your feedback:

Social Media Strategist
Social Media Consultant
Social Media Advocate
Social Media Manager
Social Media Coordinator
Social Media Coach
Social Media Mentor
the list goes on……

People want to know where the jobs are- they are in social media. If you have a business degree, experience in consulting, understand strategy, marketing and sales, and have some technical abilities, these are the types of careers to consider. Are there any titles I am missing? If we are connected on twitter or linked-in and we share a common bond around the social media movement for business, I want to hear from you. I have some very exciting things planned for 2010 and as we have developed and grown our thought-leadership collectively on social media for business, we will finally be able to start productizing our best practices and direclty impacting the business community in a positive way. Can you say turn-key?

More to come on this in 2010 :) Be ready for Great things!

Justin R French
Social Media Visionary

What Is A Typical Day Like In The Field As A Social Media Strategist?

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

social-media-strategist, social-media-consultant, justin-r-french, the-social-ceo

My colleagues, partners, customers and friends always wonder, “So Justin, you’re a social media strategist huh, then what is a typical day like for a social media strategist? What do you actually DO?” It’s also important to know that as an Entrepreneur running another start-up and consulting on a regular basis for a few clients, many wonder what a typical day looks like. Here is a detailed breakdown of a typical day in the life as a social media strategist (play by play)

I hope this is beneficial and eye opening to those business professionals considering using social media marketing to assist in growing their personal brand or company brand online. Be prepared- you are investing time, money, and sometimes countless hours of sweat equity but at the end of the day I must caution you- be prepared for a exciting and sometimes overwhelming and draining journey

6:30AM Wake up to a fair and balanced news station on TV

7:30AM Check twitter stream (latest news) listen to voicemails and check emails/ follow up (Google alerts) from the night before (usually competition and industry trends) on the G1

7:45AM Check Google Reader on some of my favorite Blogs

7:55AM Listen to what some authorities are doing (usually my custom twitter accounts I set up for filtering) to try and continually better myself, I study the best

8:15AM Check linked-in and Facebook (my business account) and maybe E-Cademy if time

8:30AM Client call backs, follow ups, then get on the clock (consulting)

9:30AM brainstorming session with executives on current month’s promos

10:30AM check some Google analytic stats, keyword performance, verify content postings (measuring campaign success and ROI for SNSD and clients)

11:30AM check in/ focus group with key TEAM members, progress and status check on projects

12:30PM Lunch

1:45PM watch a couple you-tube videos on industry items (social networking, social media, tech, entrepreneurship, leadership, or sales)

2:15PM Engage in twitter with prospects, friends, clients, etc. send out a newsletter or two, read some headlines on twitter, delegate some tasks to my assistant

3:15PM Billing, banking, and where I am with latest projects / products in development for social media and social networking for business

4:30PM Conduct a webinar on twitter, linked-in or maybe my online psychology class. Also, prepare next week’s curriculum for Mira Costa College social networking class. Maybe prepare for an online interview or Press Release or prepare talking points for a speaking engagement (power point slides using 10X20X30 Formula- thanks Guy Kawasaki)

5:00PM Record a you-tube video or two, prepare tomorrows blog post, check in with key contacts/ circle of influence

6:00PM Gym / or Soccer

9:00PM Dinner, another you-tube video (Always learning)

10:00PM Check twitter, thank followers, interacting, engaging, learning

11:00PM Call it a day

I’m interested in what your day looks like. Would you mind sharing what your typical day looks like? Is it a little similar/ different? I look forward to hearing from you-
Justin R French

Business thoughts on the Zappos Acquisition by Amazon

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Instead of my normal posts on social networking for business and social media consulting, I wanted to briefly mention some thoughts on the recent news announced today on Amazon acquiring Zappos for a whopping $850 million dollars.

First off, I want to post the Core Values that makes Zappos such a great company:

Zappos Core Values

As we grow as a company, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the Zappos core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. These are the ten core values that we live by:

1. Deliver WOW Through Service
2. Embrace and Drive Change
3. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness
4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
5. Pursue Growth and Learning
6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication
7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
8. Do More With Less
9. Be Passionate and Determined
10. Be Humble”
(pulled from )

Next watch this important and educational leadership video of Jeff Bezos:

Now here is my opinion:
After watching Amazon grow and remain through the .COM bust, one thing is certain: They pride themselves on great customer service and obsess over this fact. They have innovative technology, and have done very well and I think it was a smart strategic move on their part.

Zappos too prides itself on customer service, transparency, and most importantly passion. You always see this demonstrated on a regular basis the passion that flows from top down and bottom up throughout the organization. I have been hearing especially lately from twitter on the amazing culture among employees at the firm and the #1 factor (and most important to me) I believe in why they were acquired because they are one of the top companies embracing social networking and social media (especially twitter and many other social tools) and leveraging these tools better than 95% of other firms to better service customers. Why? Because look at the CEO Tony. He is a model Social CEO who embraces social media so easily because it fits EXACTLY with their core values & will be a model for many other companies to follow.

My predication is that this is only the beginning of whats to come from other firms embracing social media as part of their business, marketing, and corporate strategy cohesively. I have a feeling (and has already started happening in San Diego) our TEAM of consultants will be helping some of these large local firms make this transition into becoming more “social” firms for the benefit of “engaging” customers more instead of just “marketing” to them all the time.

Your thoughts?
CEO Social Networking San Diego

Top 5 Lessons in Trust relating to Social Media and Social Networking

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

social media consulting, social media marketing, social media agency, trustworthy social media consultants, trust in social media marketing

I have been hearing about these 3 components (Trust, Transparency, and Team) in Social Media and Social Networking for the last couple of days and I have an interesting story to tell you. I haven’t told a story in a while so please bare with me and I assure you it will teach you some VERY valuable lessons I’ve learned thus far in my 10 years in Business. I hope you can share some of your stories as well.

Trust-  Every single person I have come across in my life, I trust 100% until they give me reason not to.  I can’t tell you how many times in business this has turned bad for me, BUT there are some lessons to be learned.

1.  You learn to be less trustworthy of people who give you reason not to trust them by either body language, demeanor, research you do on line, or what other people say about this person or their firm whether it be online or offline. This is even MORE relevant in today’s business climate because of social media and social networking as we know. Everything is becoming exposed and brands and companies sometimes aren’t even aware of the positive OR negative effects it has on them.

2. People are becoming smarter in their buying decisions and in whom they conduct business with. We no longer want to be spammed or bombarded with ads and piles of junk mail. We want to engage and interact with others and build relationships and when we DO have a need we can ask our social network where/whom to buy from because of TRUST. I think this is good for business and much needed especially in today’s economic state.

3.  When you get burned in a bad business deal (I have made plenty over the last 10 years because of being to trustworthy of others) it makes you really have to dig down deep into yourself and overcome obstacles and challenges that come about from a deal gone bad. But once your get through it and your company stays afloat, you come out MUCH stronger and brighter. It’s a notch on the belt as a learning experience. Not to mention those deals and hours I spent reviving a server and not seeing a penny from the job even after staying in an office all weekend to have them up and running by Monday morning. Is it worth the fight in small claims court to recoupe???

4. I remember I formed a bad partnership deal (this wasn’t the first nor the last) in my old IT consulting firm back in 2004 and the company was in the brink of extinction until I put on my “hustle hat” and went to work.  I billed out $140,000 of IT consulting that year on my own but it was NOT easy.  Working 60 hours a week AND going to school was a challenge, but I stuck it out and saved the company thanks to my social network, understanding family (thankfully putting up with my sometimes bad attitude due to high stress levels, and of course aligning with the right strategic alliances (one of the most important business relationships a small business can have).

5. The same trust principles apply no matter what business you are in. Trust carries with you no matter what job or company you start. No company can take your TRUST away from you OR the relationships you have built. Hundreds of companies trusted me with their data, IT infrastructure, servers, etc. when I ran that IT consulting firm Perfect Integration and because of the integrity, trustworthiness and credibility that I spent building up over the years it has carried into the next company Social Networking San Diego (my 3rd). And now I see companies are doing the same for their social media engagements, campaigns, and marketing- trusting our TEAM of social media consultants to help them with their online marketing in a holistic and comprehensive manner which can be very time consuming and complex for business professionals not exposed to this new trend. And be it known I know now what mistakes I made and what NOT to do for the future.

Transparency and Team will be the next posts. Please Re-Tweet this post if you can, I think other business professionals can benefit from hearing some of these experiences.

p.s. If you need an assessment or have questions, please call my VP Keith at 760-500-6043 and he can discuss your needs/ challenges personally.