Social Media Monitoring Tools Help Companies Listen First Then Engage

Social Media Monitoring Tools are key for Reputation monitoring. A lot of companies are quick to say they are ready for social media, but do they really know what they are getting into? Do they even have a social media plan written? Do they even know what people are saying about their products and services? Do they know best practices to use when engaging a prospect online?

These questions might seem odd considering how many social media consultants are popping up all over the place but how many actually have track records? What campaigns have they implemented, measured, and what results were achieved? Well, we have done all of the above. That is why we suggest to our customers a product called Trackur to give them a taste before they jump right into the unknown. Trackur is one of the first products we are finally telling people about as one of the tools we help set our clients up on which is a reputation management or social media monitoring tool. You can actually get a FREE 14 day Trial by going here:

This is actually one of the first posts we will be doing on occasion to help businesses know about which tools are good to implement for their business , what the benefits are, and how to use them. We will be recommending products to try based on what we have used that actually work. So please get started with Free Online Reputation Monitoring today!

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2 Responses to “Social Media Monitoring Tools Help Companies Listen First Then Engage”

  1. Mark Evans says:

    Another social media monitoring tool worth checking out is Sysomos Heartbeat, which offer a flexible, robust and user-friend platform. You can find more information here:

    cheers, Mark

    Mark Evans
    Director of Communications
    Sysomos Inc.

  2. admin says:

    will do mark thanks- Justin